Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

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The Friends of English Magic
Mr Norrell travels to London from Yorkshire to offer the government his services as a magician. Sir Walter Pole though refuses to align himself with such a disrespectable art as magic. .. show full overview
How Is Lady Pole?
Mr Norrell's magical illusions manage to baffle the French Navy and secure him the loyalty of Sir Walter Pole. Some magic he has used to revive Lady Pole has released something unnatural .. show full overview
The Education of a Magician
Jonathan Strange travels to Spain. Mr Norrell is attempting to keep his secrets hidden in London.
All the Mirrors of the World
Norrell's refusal to let Strange study ancient magic causes a split between them.
Strange returns home a hero after helping to win the Battle of Waterloo, and resolves to write a book on ancient magic - to Norrell's horror. Strange's hopes for the future are shattered .. show full overview
The Black Tower
Strange is determined to learn the secrets of fairy magic so he can restore Arabella. Believing madness is the key to accessing the fairy world, he seeks a way to drive himself insane. .. show full overview
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
England is plunged into chaos as ancient magical forces are unleashed. Norrell flees to the safety of his library, but is pursued by Strange who intends to free Arabella before the .. show full overview