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It's All Greek to Me!
In this first look at Josiah and Lauren's wedding, the bride and groom say their "I do's" and have their first kiss. Meanwhile, Joe and Kendra go on their honeymoon in Greece.
Make Room for Baby
Joy and Austin check in on baby Forsyth at their midwife appointment. In Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy do some window shopping for a new piano. Joe and Kendra move into their new home and have a special reveal for the family.
Newly-expectant parents Joe & Kendra check up on their baby. The little girls record an album in Nashville. Josiah takes Lauren's siblings out for ice cream. While visiting Jeremy's parents at a charity gala, he & Jinger reveal some unexpected news
Jinger and Jeremy's Little Secret
Jessa and Ben visit a creamery with the kids. Joy and Austin go on a babymoon before their baby arrives. Jinger and Jeremy are in Arkansas and have a special announcement for the family.
An Explosive Reveal
Jinger and Jeremy celebrate their first anniversary, and Jeremy has a very special surprise for her; Josiah is ready to take the next step and seeks the blessing of Lauren’s dad; Joe and .. show full overview
Josiah Pops the Question
This episode has no summary.
A Birth-day and a Birthday
The three pregnant sisters are reunited for a big family birthday; Joy goes into labor, and after 20 hours, she is transported to the hospital for an emergency C-section.
Thrift Store Date Night
This episode has no summary.
Lauren Finds Her Dress
The Duggars celebrate Jana and John David's 28th birthday with a family ski trip. Meanwhile, Jinger and Jeremy tour a birth center and find out the gender of their baby. Later, Lauren .. show full overview
Jinger's Double Surprise
Kendra's due date is approaching! She and Joe do some last minute prep, including a timed test run to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jinger and Jeremy throw a gender reveal party for the family and later, the family has a surprise of their own for Jinger.
Kendra Has A Baby
Jessa, Joe, Joy and their spouses throw a "Dinner Around the World" potluck and cook dishes from their honeymoon destinations. Josiah & Lauren celebrate their upcoming wedding with a game of giant foosball. Later, Joe & Kendra welcome their baby boy!
Josiah & Lauren's Prank-less Wedding?
It's Josiah and Lauren's wedding day and the happy couple is eager to walk down the aisle and finally share their first kiss; with Josiah being the family prankster and the brothers out for revenge, the couple prepares for some shenanigans.