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Who's the Most Romantic?
Jinger and Jeremy go house hunting in LA but with pricier real estate and small square footage, will they be able to find the perfect place? Meanwhile in Arkansas, the family is going .. show full overview
The Vuolos Take LA
Jinger & Jeremy explore LA with friends. While hiking, Jinger discusses her decision to wear pants, which is unusual for Duggar women. Could the Duggar boys' road trip be the last time .. show full overview
Count Your Blessings
John and Abbie "Finnish" their winter honeymoon in Finland. Jinger flies to Arkansas after Grandma Duggar's health declines. Meanwhile, Lauren opens up about her struggle with grief and depression. Later, Jessa and Ben find out the gender of Baby #3.
Kendra's Got a Secret
Kendra surprises Joe when she finds out she's expecting baby #2; Jessa recruits her brothers to build a deck for her house before the new baby's arrival.
The Great Duggar Campout
This episode has no summary.
Baby Number Two... But Who?
Joe & Kendra visit Jinger & Jeremy in Texas, where they sample creepy, crawly appetizers. Jessa seeks help from a speech therapist as Henry struggles to learn new words. Joy & Austin surprise the family by announcing that they are expecting baby #2!
Marriage Bootcamp
This episode has no summary.
Five Pregnancies and Counting
This episode has no summary.
A Surprise Delivery
This episode has no summary.
Grandma Duggar Remembered
The four pregnant Duggar girls and Jessa have a maternity photoshoot and a surprise guest reveals she's also expecting. Jinger and Jeremy prepare for their big move to LA but tragedy strikes when they get devastating news from back home.