Bill Burr Presents Immoral Compass

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Part 1: Guilt
Episode overview
A loving husband (Nick Swardson) makes a grave mistake during the throes of passion. A forensic pathologist (Mary Lynn Raskub) fixes her squeaky chair during an autopsy.
Part 2: Secrets
Episode overview
Owen (Vince Vaughn) regrets coming clean to his roommate (Bobby Lee) after a tragic accident. A troubled woman (Sarah Burns) confesses a secret to her priest (Kurt Fuller).
Part 3: Relationships
Episode overview
A doctor (Al Madrigal) has a soul crushing discovery during an emergency procedure.
Part 4: Parenthood
Episode overview
A little girl investigates a noise coming from the closet. A teenager’s (Grace Van Dien) car fails to start while she’s on the run.
Part 5: Hypocrisy
Episode overview
A Karen harrasses a teenager (Niles Fitch) walking in her neighborhood. An unsuspecting murderer (Neil Casey) buries a body in the wrong place.
Part 6: Technology
Episode overview
A stalker (John Gemberling) decides to reveal himself to his victim (Camille Hyde). Two sisters make fun of their drunk mom (Ione Skye), then wish they didn’t.
Part 7: Boundaries
Episode overview
A high school coach (Steven Weber) suspects one of his players (Lukas Gage) is dating his daughter. An audition takes an unexpected turn (Marielle Scott, Kyle Dunnigan).
Part 8: Nostalgia
Episode overview
A horny millennial (Lyrica Okano) booty calls an old flame. A dying patient (Grace Zabriske) mistakes her nurse (Richa Moorjani) for her daughter.
Part 9: Authenticity
Episode overview
A fangirl (Michelle Ortiz) surprises her favorite DJ in the green room. A military drone operator (Fahim Anwar) has an aggressive change of heart.
Part 10: Closure
Episode overview
A serial killer (David Dastmalchian) copes with his favorite detective’s (Lori Petty) retirement. Rick wraps it all up.