Hudson & Rex

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Origin Story
Episode overview
On the third anniversary of Charlie and Rex’s partnership, Charlie recounts how a high-stakes kidnapping brought the duo together on their first case.
Episode overview
While on the hunt for an escaped murderer, Charlie and Rex are held hostage. But when a greater threat emerges, Charlie and his captor are forced to work together if they’re going to make it out alive.
Into the Wild
Episode overview
After a mummified body is discovered in Newfoundland´s tundra, Charlie and Rex set off in search of a community of survivalists who may be harbouring a murderer.
Under Pressure
Episode overview
When a scuba diver washes ashore with his oxygen supply severed, Charlie dives into the Atlantic Ocean to uncover the secret he was killed to protect.
Prescription Rex
Episode overview
The near poisoning of a wealthy socialite throws the team into a perilous investigation that puts Charlie, Rex, and even Jesse in harm’s way.
Endless Summer
Episode overview
When a young woman is abducted from the very spot her friend was murdered two years earlier, Charlie and Rex race against time as they trail the suspects from the original investigation.
All in the Litter
Episode overview
Rex is on trial after his DNA is discovered at the scene of the murder of Donovan's former police informant.
Sleeping Beauty
Episode overview
Charlie and Rex investigate a fairytale-turned-nightmare when a princess performer suspiciously dies at a child's birthday party.
Grave Matters
Episode overview
Charlie and Rex are in grave danger as they find themselves captives of a kidnapper seeking vengeance.
Fanning the Flames
Episode overview
An arsonist begins terrorizing a neighborhood with car bombs. Charlie and Rex race to find the next target before the case goes up in smoke.