Ginny & Georgia

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Episode overview
Georgia Miller arrives in the quaint New England town of Wellsbury with her daughter, Ginny, and her son, Austin, and quickly makes a big impression.
It's A Face Not A Mask
Episode overview
As Ginny struggles to fit in with her new friends, she faces fallout from a night with Marcus. Georgia helps problem-solve for both Paul and Ellen.
Next Level Rich People Shit
Episode overview
During the Sophomore Sleepover, Max bares her heart, Georgia resorts to old, bad habits, and Ginny shares connections with both Hunter and Marcus.
Lydia Bennett is Hundo A Feminist
Episode overview
Hunter's aloofness makes Ginny insecure. Max obsesses over a new love interest. Georgia sells Paul on an idea for a fundraiser — then has to deliver.
Boo, Bitch
Episode overview
As Ginny's popularity grows, so do her questions about her own identity. After his night out with Georgia, Paul finds he has new political competition.
I’m Triggered
Episode overview
Unplanned visitors cause headaches for Georgia and trust issues for Ginny, as more of Georgia's checkered past is brought to light.
Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk
Episode overview
On Ginny's 16th birthday, Georgia tries to smooth things over by organizing a surprise party for her — but Ginny and her friends have other big plans.
Check One, Check Other
Episode overview
Ginny draws inspiration from her dad when writing an essay she hopes to submit to a prestigious contest — but the result breeds friction with Hunter.
Feelings Are Hard
Episode overview
While Ginny and Georgia both find themselves caught between two men, Max and Marcus face painful situations of different sorts.
The Worst Betrayal Since Jordyn and Kylie
Episode overview
As election day approaches for Paul, secrets start to catch up with Ginny and Georgia — and the fallout for both could be steep.