Forky Asks a Question

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What is Money?
Episode overview
Hamm attempts to give Forky a lesson on how the US monetary system works.
What is a Friend?
Episode overview
Forky shares his thoughts on what makes a good friend based on his limited exposure to world inside Bonnie’s house.
What is Art?
Episode overview
Mr. Pricklepants mentors Forky about the complexities of being an actor and the art of a convincing performance.
What is Time?
Episode overview
Rex uses the age of dinosaurs as an example to give Forky an understanding of the concept of time.
What is Love?
Episode overview
Forky attempts to understand the concept of love from Bonnie's elder toys who believe they've been there, done that.
What is a Computer?
Episode overview
Trixie explains to Forky what a computer does as they experience the common stresses of technology.
What is a Leader?
Episode overview
Dolly teaches Forky about the qualities of a good leader, and Forky puts those qualities to the test!
What is a Pet?
Episode overview
Forky meets Rib Tickles, and is schooled on the dangers of law enforcement.
What is Cheese?
Episode overview
Buttercup, annoyed with all of Forky’s questions, speed teaches everything there is.
What is Reading?
Episode overview
The energetic Peas-n-a-Pod siblings teach Forky about reading, with a little help from Mr. Spell.