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The Man With The Lightspeed Legs!
Episode overview
It is Sena's first day of High School. And from now on his school life will be different. Sena has vowed not to be made a gopher like he has been in the past. But its bad luck for Sena .. show full overview
Let's Play American Football!
Episode overview
Sena may be on the Deimon Devilbats football team, but he realizes that he doesn't know anything about the game of Football. Can Sena learn how to play, or will he give up before the Spring season?
Blaze A Path Down The Field!
Episode overview
Its Sena's first game as EyeShield 21, and he doesn't know what to do. As the Deimon Devilbats lose, Sena also has to make Mamori believe he isn't EyeShield 21, or he won't be able to .. show full overview
What I Hold In My Hands!
Episode overview
Sena decides that he needs to get away from having Mamori babying him all the time, so he decides to train alongside the football team, much to her objections.
Half-Second Body Guards!
Episode overview
The power of the Ojo White Knights almost overwhelms Sena, but a little pep talk from Kurita boosts his spirits and he begins to run with a new confidence in his teammates.
The Pierce Of The Spear Tackle!
Episode overview
After watching Deimon score so easily with Eyeshield-21's speed, Ojo's coach sends in Shin to put an end to Eyeshield 21.
Fighting to Win!
Episode overview
With Shin on the field, Oujo retakes the lead and sets the tone for the game. Sena, having suffered the brunt of Shin's tackles, begins to have second thoughts about playing.
Never Quit!
Episode overview
Despite Ojo's overwhelming lead, the Devil Bats keep going. Unfortunately, for Ojo, Sakuraba strays onto the field and gets knocked down by EyeShield. Sena scores a small victory for himself, having managed to finally out-run Shin.
The Catching Master!
Episode overview
While searching for new players, including a Reciever, Sena finds a player named Raimon Tarou, who has great catching skills. But he is too late because Raimon is already trying out for the baseball team.
A Hero's Qualifications!
Episode overview
Sena, feeling very guilty about Sakuraba's injury, goes to see him in the hospital with Monta. Seeing how despondent Sakuraba is, Sena challenges him to be the hero he truly is.
Oath Under The Setting Sun!
Episode overview
While running some errands for Hiruma, Sena runs into Shin, who team up to stop two theives trying to steal from the Devil Bats. In the end, the two theives turn out to be from the Zokugaku Chameleons.
Max Catch!
Episode overview
The big game with Zokugaku starts with Raimon's debut as the team's new wide reciever. Realizing that Deimon's now got two weapons, Habashira decides to target Sena/Eyeshield 21, who is still more than a little frightened of him.
The Terror Of The Chameleon!
Episode overview
Realizing that Habashira's not nearly as scary as Shin can be, Sena leaves him and the Zokugaku Chameleons in his dust. Deimon wins 48-28
The Scorching Hell Tower!
Episode overview
Recruiting new players for the team has been a snap since their win over Zokugaku, but Hiruma devises a test to seperate the men from the boys.
Find Eyeshield!
Episode overview
Realizing that Sena's stamina for running is under-developed, Hiruma developes an amusing way to help him work on it. Meanwhile, Mamori begins to suspect that Sena is really Eyeshield-21 and sets out to prove it.
Farewell, Kurita?!
Episode overview
After a day of practice, Kurita decides to take another way home. He chooses to go through a shopping market that's getting ready for a festival. There, three thugs harass two foreign .. show full overview
The Kid And Iron Horse!
Episode overview
Hiruma tries yet another insane method of training the team, while Monta learns the importance of passing routes when the team sees Ojo nearly defeated in the spring tournament final.
A Slacker's Pride!
Episode overview
After another futile practice, the WTF trio decide to finally quit the team. After hearing some of the Taiyou Sphinx players make fun of them, they challenge to to a fight. After .. show full overview
The Sphinx's Secret Weapon!
Episode overview
The game between the Deimon Devil Bats and the Taiyou Sphinx continues. The Devil Bats are gaining points as they begin to outsmart the Sphinx's famous Pyramid Line. The first half .. show full overview
The Lower-Class Laughs At Its Challengers!
Episode overview
The Devil Bats turn up at the Taiyou High School to play the Taiyou Sphinx. The Devil Bats are up against a heavier line. After a declaration form the Sphinx quarterback saying that his team will totally destroy the Devil Bats in only 12 plays.
Fly, Devil Bat!
Episode overview
Monta is having a difficult time trying to get past the Spinxs new weapon againt them. Everytime Monta goes to catch the football, he is met with a BUMP. Monta doesn't give up in his .. show full overview
A Mysterious Girl Appears!
Episode overview
The first half of a 1-hour special. A young girl on roller-blades named Taki Suzuna has come to Deimon High School to expose Eyeshield 21's true identity for a newspaper .. show full overview
The Weightless Man
Episode overview
The second half of a 1-Hr special. The Devil Bats plan their method of attack for their Japan-US game against the NASA Aliens. The Aliens are a strong team known for their famous .. show full overview
Blitz! Japan vs. USA!
Episode overview
The Deimon Devil Bats are playing against the Nasa Aliens. The Nasa Aliens get a jump in the game against the Devil Bats with their very long pass the Shuttle Pass.
The Caged Black Panther!
Episode overview
Eyeshield wants to compete against Panther-kun that he works overtime to get him on the field but there is a problem the coach of the NASA Aliens benches any player that doesn't follow .. show full overview
A Real Beast
Episode overview
The Japan-US game between the Devil Bats and the NASA Aliens comes to its climax! It's Eyeshield 21's golden legs vs. Panther's antigravity legs!
Take Back Cerberus!
Episode overview
Cerberus gets switiched with a girl's doll, which has a diamond hidden in it by two wanted criminals.
American Football Downtown!
Episode overview
When Sena and Monta get lost in America, they end up at a football field where Panther learned to play. Panther's grandmother notices how well they can play, and asks if they could play .. show full overview
Ultimate Combo! The Devil Gunmen!
Episode overview
Sena and the rest of the team get involved in a beach football tournament as a way to raise cash for their training in America. Along the way, they meet up and join forces with Tetsuma and Kidd of the Seibu team, who also in America to train.
At The Gates Of Hell!
Episode overview
The Devil Bats are resting at the Wild Gunmen ranch. The coach has agreed to train them. Hiruma mentions that Deimon does not allow extra-curricular activities after the third year so .. show full overview
Minds Made Up!
Episode overview
The Devil Bats' Death March begins. They will have to trek from Houston, Texas all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada in 40 days. Meanwhile, in Japan, Panther meets Shin, who exposes Panther's weakness.
Episode overview
It's day 3 of the Death March, and Toganou and Kuroki decide to quit and run away. Juumonji tries to convince them to come back.
OH! My Sister!
Episode overview
Sena accidentally kicks the rock into a motorcycle gang. Knowing that he will have to run the whole Death March again if he loses it, he runs after them, and gets separated from the rest .. show full overview
Signs Of A Ghost!
Episode overview
Sena applies all the training from the death march in the match. When he scores the winning goal, Sena's last opponent declares that he saw a ghost beside Sena as he ran. When the names .. show full overview
A Solitary Death March!
Episode overview
Yukimitsu collapses during the run. If he does not complete the run, he will be dropped from the team.
The Final Trial!
Episode overview
The Devil Bats truck gets stuck in a pothole; with one final push together as a team, Deimon overcomes the last obstacle. Arriving in Las Vegas, on the pirate boat outside Treasure .. show full overview
The Distant Peak
Episode overview
The Devil Bats return to Japan, but Hiruma informs them that Oujo lost to Shinryuuji. Speaking of Oujo, Sakuraba reaches a breaking point and seriously considers his future as a football player.
The New Starting Lineup
Episode overview
The Deimon Devil Bats have returned home. Hiruma must decide on the regular players. Everyone but Yukimitsu is chosen. Yukimitsu will continue to be a bench player.
The Road To The Christmas Bowl!
Episode overview
While hiding from a group of television interviewers, Suzuna questions why Sena doesn't tell Mamori who he is. This leads to a quick review of the previous 38 episodes. In Japan this .. show full overview
The Night Before The Game!
Episode overview
Kurita and the other Devil Bats learn that one loss means their entire dream will end. Once he gets home, Kurita goes into hiding, not wanting to be the cause of the Devil Bats' failure. Can the others convince him to come out?
The Ace's Missing?!
Episode overview
Deimon are up against Amino, a school where they use medical science to increase their muscle sizes. They are all artificial muscles. Sena follows "idiot" Taki onto the wrong bus and .. show full overview
The Devil Bat Ghost!
Episode overview
Chameleon Habashira Rui gives Sena a lift to the stadium on his motorcycle. In the game, Amino decides to target Monta and tackle him on offense and defense. Amino scores another .. show full overview
The Legendary 60-Yard Magnum!
Episode overview
Monta and Sena are reluctant to recruit the legendary kicker "60 yard Magnum" Musashi back onto the team. Being misled by soccer students who say a person called "MUro SAtoSHI" is .. show full overview
A ha ha! My Debut!
Episode overview
Taki must pass the entrance exam to be able to play for Deimon. Suzuna tells them Taki has failed every single school with American football in Japan (except Deimon which has accepted .. show full overview
The Ghost Is Sealed?!
Episode overview
Hiruma forbids Sena to use the Devil Bat Ghost until a real game in order to keep spies from getting looks at it. Meanwhile Shin and Ootawara from Oujou have begun practicing in a .. show full overview
The Ghost vs. The Spear!
Episode overview
Now substituting in a corporation league game, Sena and Shin finally get the rematch they've been waiting so long for. However, Shin is disappointed as Sena refuses to use the Devil Bat .. show full overview
Hot! Guts! Fire!
Episode overview
The Devil Bats witness the physical endurance and team bond of the Yuuhi Guts, their next opponents in the tournament. Hiruma says that objectively, the Devil Bats have a 99% chance of .. show full overview
A Battle Of Effort, Fortitude, And Will!
Episode overview
Deimon's game against the Guts begins. Hiruma tries to put pressure on them with words about this being their last chance to go to the Christmas Bowl. However, the Guts' coach has .. show full overview
The Refined Spirit Of A Lineman!
Episode overview
The Devil Bats meet the captain of the Hashiratani Deers, Yamamoto Onihei. The Devil Bats go watch the Deers game against the Kyoshin Poseidon, in order to see the team that might become .. show full overview
The Courage To Stand Firm.
Episode overview
Sena learns the truth about the "real" Eyeshield 21 from a Poseidon player, Kakei Shun. Discouraged after hearing that he may never catch up to the real eyeshield, Sena learns from Shin that it isn't size that matters, but an unwavering spirit.
Danger! The Lethal Cameleon
Episode overview
Eyeshield 21 enters the Chameleons' locker room and cuts up all their uniforms in the middle of the night. Sena said he did not do it. The Chameleons enter Deimon and try and find .. show full overview
Clash! Cameleon vs Poseidon
Episode overview
Chamelon and Poseidon start their game. Poseidon has a great advantage because they have tall players. On the other hand the Chameleon team is disunited. Habashira's team gave up halfway .. show full overview
Fear Of The Poisonous Scorpion!
Episode overview
The scorpion is playing really dirty. They are also predicting the Devil Bats' every move. Hiruma disappears during the game. Kurita must stay strong to win against those cowards.
The Control Tower Which Disappeared
Episode overview
At the end of the first quarter Mamori opens the game plan Hiruma gave her, which shows that Hiruma predicted every single thing that happened in the first quarter. At last Hiruma .. show full overview
Wall Of The Physique Difference
Episode overview
After being told by Mizumachi from the Poseidons that he is no good at football, Komosubi runs away from him. He thinks that because he is short, he is useless to the Devil Bats. Everyone goes looking for him and they convince him to return home.
Our Small Contract!
Episode overview
Komusubi starts learning sumo. With his special training, he finds a way to overcome the physical difference between himself and Mizumachi and Kakei.
The Man Who Knows 21
Episode overview
When Monta and Sena are sent to spy on the Poseidons' final practice before the game, they are caught, and Kakei tells Sena that he wants to challenge Eyeshield 21 from the Devil Bats .. show full overview
Devil vs Sea God
Episode overview
The game against the Kyoshin Poseidons is about to begin. Kakei tells Sena that he'll prove once and for all that he's not qualified to bear the name "Eyeshield 21." Hiruma then states .. show full overview
Back Ace Man
Episode overview
The hidden ace of the Deimon Devil bats appears, being the crucial key to their new formation: Wishbone.
Promise On The Field!
Episode overview
The Devil Bats have made a comeback, the score is 14-12, and Deimon has the ball. Kakei finds a way to exploit the weakness of the wishbone formation. However, Hiruma finds another way .. show full overview
Determination To Win!
Episode overview
The game continues with a stalemate with both teams trying to break the trend and score, knowing that this will lean the game highly in their favor.
Terror! Moby Dick Anchor
Episode overview
The Poseidons reveal a new formation called High Wave. Hiruma immediately spots its weakness, but Sena cannot get past Kakei. The ball is turned over to Kyoshin, and they score a .. show full overview
Offense And Defence 30 cm!!
Episode overview
Sena breaks through Kakei's Moby Dick Anchor, but he is stopped just inches from the touchdown by a desperate Mizumachi. Hiruma uses their last timeout with two seconds remaining and the .. show full overview
The Man Possessing Speed Of Light Appears!?
Episode overview
Riku appears and talks about his past and how Sena could run because of him. Riku asks Sena who he thinks is the best player. His answer? Shin. He then asks why and Sena says because .. show full overview
Deimon High School Sports Meet!!
Episode overview
The whole Deimon team goes to a sports meeting where the team is divided into two teams, Mamori san, Hiruma, and Yukimitsu (the smart team) vs everyone else on the football team (the .. show full overview
Sprinter Sena!?
Episode overview
Ishimaru misses practice because another member of his athletic club injures his knee at a practice and he can't run for three weeks. Sena offers to send Eyeshield 21 to run in his place .. show full overview
Promise Of The Three
Episode overview
Riku learns that Sena's speed has increased, and also that he is secretly Eyeshield 21. Hiruma confronts Kid and tells him that between Riku and Eyeshield 21, Eyeshield is the fastest .. show full overview
Fastest Proof
Episode overview
The game against the Wild Gunmen begins. Doburoku tells the Devil Bats that if they lose concentration for even a second, they will surely lose. Deimon kicks off the ball first and it is .. show full overview
Field Of Desperation
Episode overview
Unable to stop Kid's Quick and Fire technique, the Devil Bats decide to reveal the fruit of their bump training. Seibuu counters by bringing in the Iron Horse, Tetsuma. Monta is unable .. show full overview
Musashi Is Here
Episode overview
The Devil Bats are in desperate need of a kicker, and Musashi is watching the game from his father's hospital room. Without a score before halftime, the Devil Bats have a slim chance of .. show full overview
The Devil's Counterattack
Episode overview
Trying to prove to Sena that he is the better player, Riku fumbles the ball. Sena intercepts it and runs straight to a touchdown. With Deimon only down by 2, Seibuu gives the ball to .. show full overview
Pride Of Speed Of Light
Episode overview
There are 9 minutes left in the game, and Deimon is behind by 9. They try to make up the difference, but Sena cannot get past Riku. With only 1 minute left, Sena finally gets past Riku's .. show full overview
Fated Kick
Episode overview
Kid tells Hiruma that he fell directly into his trap, and that everything is always too good to be true. Hiruma reminds Kid that he told him that Eyeshield would definitely win, and Kid .. show full overview
A Rival's Promise
Episode overview
After losing to the Seibu Gunmen, Tetsuma saves Monta from getting Deimon suspended from playing. Hiruma reveals there is a seat left in the Tokyo Tournament so they still have a chance .. show full overview
Spider's Threat
Episode overview
The Bando Spiders play against the Oujou White Knights. The Spiders are in the lead due to Kotarou's kick. Deimon is stunned that a small Bando player can take down Otawara and the team .. show full overview
Come Back! Musashi!
Episode overview
Deimon realizes that they will need a kicker to win their game against the Bando Spiders. Sena and Monta try and convince Musashi to rejoin their team; he reveals that he quit the team .. show full overview
The Real
Episode overview
Sena and Suzuna go to retrieve their helmets and cleats at a store where Sena sees a helmet with an eyeshield on it. Akaba is revealed to be the owner of the helmet. Akaba proclaims he .. show full overview
The One That Waits Previously
Episode overview
Mamori tries to help Sena, and Sena can't find enough time to change into Eyeshield 21! So after school, he practices by himself by the riverside. After catching a cold because of .. show full overview
Kobayakawa Sena
Episode overview
Before the match, Sena removes his helmet to reveal his identity to the world. Mamori accepts who Sena is. The game against the Bando Spiders begins.
The Strongest Kick Team
Episode overview
Using a trick kick in the beginning of the game, Akaba recovers the ball and Kotarou scores a field goal. Things start to look bad for Deimon as they are apparently caught in a loop from .. show full overview
The Truth Of Red Pupil
Episode overview
The game continues to turn in the Spiders' favor, as they score yet another field goal, giving them a 20-point lead.
Run! Musashi!
Episode overview
Using a combination run with Hiruma, Sena is finally able to score a touchdown. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Musashi is told by his father to return to the Devil Bats. Encouraged also by his co-workers, Musashi rushes to the field to rejoin the team.
Time That Began To Move
Episode overview
Musashi arrives just in time and scores a 45-yard field goal, and Deimon is now only behind by eleven points. Towards the end of the episode, a strong wind arises, confusing the players.
The Devil In The Storm
Episode overview
With the wind's speed increasing, passing is impossible, and Deimon is left with no other choice but to have Sena run the ball. Making use of Monta's catching abilities, and Hiruma's Devil Bat Laser Bullet, Deimon scores a touchdown.
The Man Who Is Loved By God
Episode overview
Taki begins to cause problems for the Devil Bats in the critical fourth quarter of their game against the Spiders. Behind by 13 points, Deimon struggles desperately to close the point gap.
Time Up Of The Light And Shadow
Episode overview
With four minutes left in the game, the score is 36-30, Bando to Deimon. Sena manages to get a touchdown with the continuous use of the Devil Bat Ghost. At 36-36, Deimon scores the last point with a kick.
The Strongest Soldiers In Tokyo!!
Episode overview
Deimon has beaten the Spiders and are going to the Kantou Tournament, where the high-school champs of Kantou face each other to choose who will go to the Christmas Bowl. At the award ceremony, the All-Stars are announced.
Deimon's Halftime Show
Episode overview
A "halftime show" of short player-centric stories, interspersed with chibi shorts.
Opening! Cream Puff Cup!!
Episode overview
The Cream Puff Tournament is a tournament in America where 4 teams representing different continents face each other. Representing Europe and Russia are the Northern Light Blizzards, .. show full overview
Brand New Trial
Episode overview
Panther and a couple of the Devil Bats play a street game against a rival neighborhood to help Panther regain his love of football.
Fighting Spirit! Death Climb
Episode overview
Sena takes up wrestling in order to try to defeat Ivan's mammoth tackle.
3 Brothers Of Texas Ranch
Episode overview
The Huh-Huh brothers take on a bull in order to train for the Creme Puff Cup.
Yell Of Friendship
Episode overview
Devil Bats vs. Savanna Survivors. In the end, the Devil Bats easily win. After seeing the Devil Bats practice, Panther, Homer, and the others decide to get Coach Apollo back.
Secret Weapon In Silverly White
Episode overview
Devil Bats vs Blizzards. Trailing 17-0 after the first half, the Blizzards send in their secret weapon to injure Sena. Meanwhile, the NASA Shuttles try to convince Coach Apollo to return to the team.
Break Down The Wall Of Blizzard
Episode overview
0:17 Blizzard to Deimon. Ivan's twin brother Wan has been placed on the field with current goals. They perform Snowstorm Tackle and knock Sena unconscious. The Blizzard gains 21 points .. show full overview
Now! To The Kantou Meet!
Episode overview
Recap of the Fall Tournament
Farewell, Onihei
Episode overview
The challenge to the Death Game has started. The first team to play against are the Harabishi Deers. Kurita must face up to defeat his long time hero Onihei.
Cameleon's Counterattack!
Episode overview
Game 2 of the Death Game. Zokugaku vs Deimon. Using only 1st year students, Deimon tries to beat the Chameleons.
Deimon High School Festival!!
Episode overview
Deimon has a school festival, where a large contest is being held. Everyone decides not to participate, since Hiruma will probably win, but now, it turns out Hiruma isn't playing! The .. show full overview
The Invisible Lock
Episode overview
Sena starts to have nightmares about football. Hiruma gives the team a break to rest up. Riku invites Sena to watch the Ouju White Knights train. Shin and Sakuraba are training in the .. show full overview
Strongest Evil
Episode overview
The regional champions go to a place where they decide which regional teams will play against who for the Christmas Bowl. Deimon is placed against Shinryuji. Poseidon challenges .. show full overview
Overcome Your Fears
Episode overview
Sena, Monta, and Suzana visit Mizumachi in the hospital. When Mizumachi overhears how he could not beat Agon, he goes missing. Sena finds him crying and they talk. Mizu says he's afraid .. show full overview
The Iron Wall Double Stopper
Episode overview
Kyoshin and Bando team up to beat Deimon in the 3rd death game.
One Line Lacking
Episode overview
In the fourth death game against the Taiyou Spinx, Deimon is left short-handed after Jumonji gets arrested for beating up some punks who were harassing a young girl. The Sphinx declare .. show full overview
The Final Death Game
Episode overview
Deimon vs. the NASA Aliens. They use their death climb training in the game, ending with a score of 77-84!
Fieresome God, Kongou Agon
Episode overview
An interview with Hiruma and Agon. Later, Sena protects Mamori from Agon.
The Enemy Is Shinryuuji
Episode overview
A recap of the Shinryuuji and Hiruma, Kurita,and Musahi's involvement.
Detective Sena!?
Episode overview
The Devil Bats are given a night cruise on a ship to relax before the game. When dinner time comes, it turns out someone has eaten their dinner. Sena is put in charge of finding out who .. show full overview
Talent of Catching
Episode overview
Monta battles Ikkyu in a catching battle. Monta loses but vows to beat Ikkyu next time with 100% effort.
Barrier Of Talent
Episode overview
Unsei explains to Sena and the others why he trains so hard. It is to keep Agon, his younger brother, from risking his career of being a football player by causing trouble with assaults .. show full overview
Go Forth, Devil Bats!
Episode overview
Finally, the match with Shinryuji draws near. Doburoku tells Yukimistu that he will participate in this game, much to the team's delight. At Shinryuji, their coach shows them information .. show full overview
Devil vs God!
Episode overview
The game begins. Shinryuji gets the lead on Deimon. Agon proves to be unstoppable, even for Hiruma. Agon and Unui show their best technique because of Hiruma's provocation. The Dragonfly .. show full overview
The Twelfth Athlete
Episode overview
The first half ends with 32:0, Shinryuji in the lead. The second half begins after Hiruma tells the team to give up and try and not get injured. The team understands he means they should .. show full overview
Mediocre Power
Episode overview
Hiruma tells Sena that he has to blitz Agon on every play, but it just doesn't seem to work. Once, while Agon is about to pass the ball, he says that they are getting a "game over," .. show full overview
Number One Is Trapped
Episode overview
At the beginning of the episode Shin comments that even though each individual in Deimon is lacking, as a team they are already regarded as the strongest in Kanto, hinting the result of .. show full overview
The Will Of A Warrior
Episode overview
Sena grabs the ball and is about to score a touchdown when Agon gets in the way. Agon is about to strike down Sena, but when Agon suddenly insults the Devil Bats' dreams of going to the .. show full overview
Time Out Zero
Episode overview
58 seconds remain with the score at 35:28, Shinryuuji leading the Deimon Bats. Deimon must score a touchdown in those 58 seconds to win. After gaining a short amount of yards and spiking .. show full overview
Huddle Without Answers
Episode overview
It turns out that before Monta was tackled down, he reached his hand out and grabbed the grass on the "out of bounds area," stopping the clock and regaining those 4 seconds. Within those .. show full overview
To The Limits Of The Death Battle
Episode overview
After winning the game, the players line up to shake hands. Agon refuses to believe he lost and is about to attack Hiruma but Unsei punches Agon and takes the blame for their team's .. show full overview
Super Dreadnaught! Dinosaurs!!
Episode overview
The Hakushu Dinosaurs are going to play the Taiyou Sphinx. Deimon comes to the stadium to watch the match. At the entrance Maruko introduces their star player, Gaou, to the Sphinx and .. show full overview
Battlefied Of The Wolves
Episode overview
Seibu Wild Gunmen vs. Misaki Wolves! Before the game, the Wolves' long-legged Kamiya Taiga taunts Riku by challenging Sena as his rival. It turns out he's not all talk, and as a result, Riku loses his cool. Could this mean elimination for Seibu?
Rodeo Drive Stampede
Episode overview
Riku loses his cool and gets angry at the Wolves. This puts the whole team into frustration. Reassured by his teammates (including a very sick Tetsuma with a cold), Riku regains his calm .. show full overview
The Knight With No Weakness
Episode overview
As a celebration of their progress, Mamori decides to buy Sena and Riku new shoes. On his way to meet them, Riku runs into Shin, who demands to be taught the running technique behind Rodeo Drive.
Ultimate Spear!!
Episode overview
Oujo White Knights vs. Sado Strong Golems! The rock-hard bodies of the Golems seem to present Oujo with a problem, but Shin reveals the "completed" version of Spear Tackle, the Trident .. show full overview
White Knights High School Festival!
Episode overview
Hiruma and the rest of the team go to spy on Ojo at their high school festival to find out about the ballista, but all of the other teammates except Hiruma, Kurita, and Musashi get caught up in the festival, namely a quiz show.
Promise To Become An Ace
Episode overview
A kid in a wheelchair who idolizes Sakuraba realizes he's not the ace of Ojo. He sulks at a river until Sena and the others cheer him up. He returns and talks to Sakuraba, who says he .. show full overview
Just For Victory
Episode overview
Three days before the game between Deimon and Ojo, Hiruma takes the team on a helicopter to make them remember the lines where the defense of Ojo Knights are weakest. The coach makes the .. show full overview
Devil vs. Man With The Speed Of Light
Episode overview
The two teams' catchers and running backs are interviewed the day before the match. Ojo's coach increases the difficulty of their training and 20 spare teams of Ojo quit due to it. .. show full overview
A Challenge To The King
Episode overview
The day has come for the Ojo White Knights and Deimon Devil Bats to face each other. It is raining hard and the Deimon will start the attack. Finally Ikari will play in the game as his .. show full overview
Fanfare Start
Episode overview
The battle between Ojo and Deimon has started, and Deimon gets to attack first. Hiruma made a strategy to help Sena catch the ball from the kick off. Sena catches the ball then runs .. show full overview
Prison Chain Of Wrath
Episode overview
Ikari makes his debut play. He uses Prison Chain on Sena and blows him off the field, but he continues to attack Sena even when the referee blows his whistle. Jumonji defends Sena and .. show full overview
The Knight Who Commands The Sky
Episode overview
Monta catches all the passes of Hiruma. The Ojo Knights are in a tight spot. Sakuraba asks if he can play, but he is denied because he is supposed to be the key in the second half. .. show full overview
Ballista Of The Kingdom
Episode overview
The Bats are on their fourth down and 40 yards away from the goal. Musashi kicks the ball. It hits the goal and goes in. Now Ojo is on the offensive. Four Eyes (Takami) says that they .. show full overview
Invincible Barrier
Episode overview
Takami once again tells Deimon which direction he will running The Ballista. Hiruma suspects that this is not the usual Takami but cannot seem to figure it out. The play beings and as .. show full overview
Peerless Superman
Episode overview
Shin stops the passing game of Deimon forcing them to use Sena. Sena tries to pass Shin with the Devilbat Ghost, but Shin simply turns around to stop him with the Trident Tackle. However .. show full overview
21 Defeated
Episode overview
Having achieved the speed of light as well, Shin declares himself the winner off the battle between him and Sena. On Sena’s next run he loses the ball and Shin makes a touchdown making .. show full overview
Half Time Of Fate
Episode overview
Hiruma and Mamori go through the games footage to find a strategy. Meanwhile in Ojo’s locker-room, Shin says a 7-point gap is not enough as Eyeshield 21 is a player that improves with .. show full overview
Ground Battle After The Rain
Episode overview
Sena uses a speed-boost to compete in power with Shin (playing leadblock,) who knocks him away with some effort, giving Hiruma the chance to tackle the runner. However, the speed-boost .. show full overview
The 9999th Catch
Episode overview
The episode starts off with Oujou throwing a long pass. Monta intercepts it without turning around to watch the ball. Hiruma points out that Monta no longer needs to see where the ball's .. show full overview
Two Aces
Episode overview
Sakuraba attempts the Devil Backfire but failes and makes a nasty fall losing consciousness. He has backflashes and loses confidence. But as he wakes to Torakichi (wheelchair kid) and .. show full overview
Devil Stun Gun Initiated
Episode overview
Score is 20:13, Oujou to Deimon. Deimon's ball. When Shin tries to tackle Hiruma, Sena learns how to block the Trident Spear with a new move dubbed by Hiruma the Devil Stun Gun, which is .. show full overview
Devil's Wings
Episode overview
Deimon makes a safety, making the score 20-15 and getting the ball back. Yukimitsu collapses having played longer than ever and Monta's endurance is also shown to have run out. Sena .. show full overview
A Deep Attachment
Episode overview
3 yards till the goal line and 1:21 minute left. Sena goes for a Devilbat Dive as Monta goes for a catch pose, leaving the choice to Hiruma. With the first two attempts Sena gets stopped .. show full overview
The Last Moment
Episode overview
Shin successfully made the final touchdown for White Knights, making the score 27-22 to the White Knights. When all is lost, it was revealed that Yukimitsu gained one last second for the Devil Bats by pushing Shin into the end zone.
Everybody, Let's Play American Football!
Episode overview
The play comes down to Sena against Shin one on one. Shin's power and speed stopped Sena many times before. With time running short, Sena has the ball and runs to the endzone and Shin .. show full overview