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Episode 1
Episode overview
Afflicted by fainting spells, part-time cleaner Meryem confides in psychologist Peri — but she's reluctant to reveal one detail.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Ruhiye’s condition deteriorates under Yasin’s maltreatment. Peri crosses paths with Melisa. Meryem broaches a sensitive subject with Peri.
Episode 3
Episode overview
After Ruhiye's upsetting dream, Yasin encounters Hayrunnisa, the hodja's daughter. Melisa asks Peri to face her biases. Gülbin catches Sinan unawares.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Meryem tells Peri about her star-struck encounter. Tensions come to a head between Gülbin and her sister. Yasin orders Meryem to stop visiting Peri.
Episode 5
Episode overview
A suspicious Meryem questions Yasin about Hayrunnisa, who grapples with guilt in the wake of tragedy. Ruhiye, Yasin and Meryem head for the village.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Gülbin ends her sessions with Peri, who reaches a breaking point. Ruhiye revisits a dark chapter in her past. An unwelcome figure follows Burcu.
Episode 7
Episode overview
A connection grows between Hilmi and Meryem. At Semiha's house, Ruhiye makes an earth-shattering revelation.
Episode 8
Episode overview
Peri talks to Meryem about repressed emotions. Ruhiye and Yasin make amends. Hayrunnisa sets off on her own path.