Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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Party | Banquet of the Gods
When a bar fight erupts between Bell's party and the Apollo Familia, the consequences result in a banquet invitation.
Apollo | Sun God
Hestia refuses to play Apollo's manipulative games, but the god is used to getting what he wants and won't take "no" for an answer.
Conversion | Gathering
Nobody leaves the Soma Familia. Not if they can further Zanis' ambitions. As Lili finds herself in dire straits, Hestia and Apollo negotiate terms for the War Game.
War Game | War Game
Five against over a hundred. Those are grim odds for the Hestia Familia. Defeat is nearly certain. Victory, however, would give rise to legends.
Home | The Hearthfire Mansion
Things are finally looking up for the Hestia Familia, who now have more options than ever before. Which is a situation Hestia definitely plans on taking full advantage of.
Ishtar Familia | City of Lust
What kind of news would make Mikoto leave in the dead of night? Her friends vow to find out. But when Bell gets separated from the group, he meets someone unexpected.
Renard | Fox Person
There must be some way to help Haruhime. The Ishtar Familia’s involvement complicates the matter, but Bell and Mikoto can't just abandon the Renard to her fate.
Ephemeral Dreams | Killing Stone
Bell and Mikoto are in grave danger, and only Haruhime can save them. Why is the Renard so important to the Ishtar Familia? The truth is more horrifying than anyone imagined.
Berbera | War Prostitutes
A hero does what is right, not what is easy. And as for the consequences? To Hell with them.
Argonaut | Longing to Be a Hero
If it's a war Ishtar wants, then that is precisely what she'll get. Freya is done accommodating the goddess — playtime is over.
Rakia | Army’s Advance
Ares, the God of War, attacks Orario in the name of the Kingdom of Rakia! However, the impulsive god hasn't thought his cunning plan all the way through...
Song of Love | Goddess and Child
Bell and Hestia spend a relaxing few days at a village in the wilderness, and participate in a local festival. Bell ponders what to do about his relationship with his immortal Goddess, and if he really is ready to love her.