Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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(Wiene) A Dragon Girl
Episode overview
Monsters are evil abominations driven by murderous instinct. But if that were true, why is this one a scared little girl who doesn’t understand why she’s being hunted?
(Monster) A Single Wing
Episode overview
Who knows what could happen if word of Wiene’s existence spread. The Hestia Familia needs answers and soon, but what they discover in the dungeon only raises more questions...
(Xenos) Heretics
Episode overview
The Guild knows about Wiene. But instead of demanding answers, it assigns the Hestia Familia a mission they cannot refuse. Something awaits them in the dungeon’s darkness.
(Yearning) A Far-Off-Dream
Episode overview
There are others like Wiene, and they call themselves Xenos. Uranus asks much from the Hestia Familia, but if anyone can bridge the gap between species, it’s them.
(Ikelos Familia) The King of Calamity
Episode overview
It was supposed to be the dawning of a new era. But selfish, evil men only care about what they can take for themselves, leaving others to face the consequences.
(Knossos) A Man-Made Labyrinth
Episode overview
Bell shouldn’t get involved. But the young adventurer has already decided otherwise. Little does he know that he’ll help Fels discover a secret even Uranus doesn’t know.
(Dix Perdix) A Dream of Beasts
Episode overview
Never underestimate the measures a fanatic will take to prove his worldview correct.
(Bell Cranel) The Fool
Episode overview
The Loki Familia are battle-hardened veterans used to fighting monsters. But this opponent is different...
(Stigma) Downfall
Episode overview
Although Ikelos has been successfully scapegoated, public opinion turns on Bell. Helping the Xenos will now prove impossible — but Hermes’ intel might just change the tide.
(Invisible) Forced Breakthrough
Episode overview
The surface is no longer safe for the Xenos. Now, the Hestia Familia must smuggle them back into the Dungeon. There’s just one problem: The Loki Familia stand in the way.
(Ultra Soul) Decisive Battle
Episode overview
Bell WILL stay true to his ideals. Even if that means making an enemy of the woman he loves.
(Argonaut) Return of the Hero
Episode overview
As Hermes finally reveals his true intentions, Bell battles the most powerful opponent he’s ever faced.