Digimon Adventure:

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Digital Crisis in Tokyo
A large-scale network failure broke out in the heart of the Greater Tokyo Area. Fifth grader Yagami Taichi stayed at home on his own to prepare for the children's summer camp that was .. show full overview
War Game
It was fifth grader Ishida Yamato who saved Taichi and Agumon from a crisis. When Yamato learns of an imminent threat to a US military network, he starts running toward Taichi. Taichi .. show full overview
And, to the Digital World
An enormous, white Digimon fights with Taichi and Yamato to stop the missile just before it hits the metropolis. Shortly after the missile incident and the kids’ club camping trip, a new threat closes in on the city of Tokyo.
Birdramon Takes Flight
Power outages occur in various places across Tokyo. Taichi and Koshiro, who knows a lot about the Net, head to the Digital World, where Agumon and the other Digimon live, but are worried .. show full overview
Holy Digimon
The time frame for Tokyo's urban functions coming to a halt was drawing near. Taichi, Agumon and Sora head for a "shrine" written about on a lithograph of the Digital World in search of .. show full overview
The Targeted Kingdom
This episode has no summary.