Danganronpa: The Animation

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Third Time's the Charm
Episode overview
Following the events of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Makoto Naegi, the Super High School Level Hope, is placed under arrest by the Future Foundation for harboring the Remnants of .. show full overview
Hang the Witch
Episode overview
Monokuma reveals the rules of his new "Monokuma Hunter" game, in which each of the participants carry a wristband which, following a time limit, will put everyone to sleep for a short .. show full overview
Cruel Violence and Hollow Words
Episode overview
Makoto is relieved to find Aoi is still alive, having only been depicted with a toy knife and some ketchup, only to discover Great Gozu had been killed instead. Hoping to prevent any .. show full overview
Who Is a Liar
Episode overview
As Kyoko ends up spraining her ankle after Ryota lands on her, Kazuo manages to knock out Juzo by taking advantage of his inability to punch. Meanwhile, Kyosuke manages to capture .. show full overview
Dream of Distant Days
Episode overview
As Seiko is confronted by Sonosuke and Ruruka, she recalls how her friendship with Ruruka became soured over the years. Just as Ruruka is cornered, she deduces Seiko's forbidden action, .. show full overview
No Man Is an Island
Episode overview
After looking over Great Gozu's body, Kyoko's group discover that, along with Seiko, Sonosuke has also been killed with a knife to the chest, soon coming across Ruruka. Meanwhile, Makoto .. show full overview
Ultra Despair Girls
Episode overview
Receiving help from the former Warriors of Hope, Komaru and Toko, along with the latter's psychotic alter-ego Genocider Sho, make their way to Monaca's hideout. After arriving at the .. show full overview
Who Killed Cock Robin?
Episode overview
As Byakuya arrives at the facility, managing to take out the helicopter that was pursuing Yasuhiro, the Miaya robot switches to automatic control and goes up against Kyosuke. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
You Are My Reason to Die
Episode overview
The secret exit turns out to be a dead end, with Kyoko deducing the game area is actually somewhere underwater. After destroying the Miaya robot and retrieving a data module containing .. show full overview
Death, Destruction, Despair
Episode overview
Realising that Kyoko kept quiet about her forbidden action so that he could keep on living, Makoto leaves Aoi and Ryota with Kyoko as he sets off to confront Kyosuke. Kyosuke begins .. show full overview
All Good Things
Episode overview
Kyoko's notes reveal that everyone who was allegedly killed by the attacker actually committed suicide, with all their deaths taking place in rooms with monitors. In order to test this .. show full overview
It Is Always Darkest
Episode overview
Kazuo's video message, sent to Ryota following his death, appears to prove he was a Remnant of Despair. Refusing to run away, Ryota explains how Junko stole his brainwashing techniques, .. show full overview