Critical Role

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The Draw of Destiny
Episode overview
Disparate souls collide in the mountain spires of Jrusar when three different groups of adventurers meet during a battle against an unusual array of enemies...
Trial by Firelight
Episode overview
The three groups of adventurers slowly begin to form a cohesive unit as a tentative alliance is forged with the vigilant and mysterious Lord Eshteross...
The Trail and the Toll
Episode overview
While investigating a series of thefts at the behest of their potential patron, the group stumbles onto something much more dangerous than they anticipated, with lasting consequences...
On the Trail of a Killer
Episode overview
Determined to avenge a tragic loss, the group takes to the streets in search of answers, but their probing into Jrusar's secrets could have dangerous ramifications...
The Threat Between the Walls
Episode overview
After stumbling into a literal den of thieves, the group picks up their quarry’s trail and seek the end of the thread they’ve pulled…
Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads
Episode overview
The group celebrates their success by getting to know each other better and looking into the background of Orym's contact in the city, but the past is following one of them closely...
Behind the Curtain
Episode overview
After a performance goes slightly awry, the group begins investigating the strange disappearances that have all taken place in and around the Dreamscape Theater...
A Woodworker’s Quandary
Episode overview
The group gets to know a very unusual new friend who requests their help in a missing person's case while Dorian receives some unwelcome tidings from a beloved family member...
Thicker Grows the Meal and Plot
Episode overview
The group continues their search for Chetney's missing friend, even as their discoveries yield stranger and stranger reports about the man they're looking for...
Ghosts, Dates, and Darker Fates
Episode overview
After a successful but interrupted burglary, the party splits in order to follow leads, go on a date, and investigate the machinations of the mysterious Nightmare King...
Chasing Nightmares
Episode overview
The group comes face to face with the terrifying entity known as the Nightmare King but the interaction leaves only questions to an increasingly perplexing puzzle...
Make It Fashion
Episode overview
The group readies themselves for the ball while beginning to piece together a cryptic puzzle of criss-crossing threads of fate...
A Dance of Deception
Episode overview
With a heist somewhat planned, the group attends the masquerade ball but have trouble keeping a low profile as various complications arise...
In Too Deep
Episode overview
The ball takes several unexpected twists and turns when dancing shifts to fighting and fighting shifts to fleeing...
The Tunnels Below
Episode overview
Bells Hells awaken to the repercussions of their antics at the ball, but the unwanted attention of certain parties could be the key to unraveling some of Jrusar’s mysteries…
The Shade Mother
Episode overview
With a new alliance made, Bells Hells discover an unsettling entity within the mines beneath the city whose terrors are more potent than any of them bargained for...
Episode overview
With a strange job to take and stranger mysteries to chase, Bells Hells prepares for their journey into the Oderan Wilds while opening up about their lives and their secrets...
A Hungry Jungle
Episode overview
While traveling to the Heartmoor Hamlet, Bells Hells find their night's rest interrupted by an enormous fey plant creature intent on devouring them whole...
Omens Above
Episode overview
Newly arrived in the Heartmoor Hamlet, Bells Hells seek answers to long-sought questions and prepare for the midnight museum heist...
Breaking and Entering...
Episode overview
With the heist underway, Bells Hells explore the traps and trinkets of the Twilight Mirror Museum, finding unexpected dangers as they venture deeper into the vault...
Fight at the Museum…
Episode overview
Bells Hells may have located their quarry, but the heist is far from over as they face down freshly formed formidable foes...
Promise and Potential
Episode overview
Now returned to Jrusar, Bells Hells meet with old and new allies to catch up on the city news and determine their next mission...
To The Skies
Episode overview
Bells Hells finish their business in Jrusar and take to the skies on The Silver Sun skyship, where wonders and dangers lurk among the clouds…
The Hellcatch Valley
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
A Taste of Tal'Dorei
Episode overview
Bells Hells explore Bassuras and the Paragon's Call stronghold while getting to know their new friend Dusk, whose past strangely intersects with one of their own...
Hidden Truths
Episode overview
Bells Hells seek out allies and options in their evolving plan to infiltrate Paragon’s Call…
A Race for the Prize
Episode overview
Bells Hells tend to their inner relationships before returning to the Seat of Disdain, but a surprising face in Paragon's Call rattles several members of the group...
The Deathwish Run
Episode overview
Bells Hells enter the deadly crawler race known as Deathwish, where survival is the only rule and winning is the only option...
Dark Portents
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 30
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 31
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 32
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 33
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.