Close Enough

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Quilty Pleasures
Episode overview
While working on Candice's class quilt, Josh and Emily get trapped in the underbelly of the Los Angeles fabric district, while Alex and Bridgette prove to be incompetent babysitters.
The Perfect House
Episode overview
Emily becomes addicted to visiting open houses as an escape from her chaotic home life.
Logan's Run'd
Episode overview
In a last-ditch attempt to prove they can still party, Emily, Josh, and Alex follow Bridgette to a hot new nightclub.
Room Parents
Episode overview
When Josh volunteers at Candice's school, Emily becomes suspicious that another parent is trying to seduce him.
Skate Dad
Episode overview
Struggling to bond with Candice, Josh goes all out to become the world's best skate dad.
100% No Stress Day
Episode overview
The roommates work together to give Emily a stress-free day but are promptly sidetracked by shady characters from Alex's past.
Prank War
Episode overview
Bridgette and Emily are put in danger when Josh attempts to prove he's the king of pranks.
Cool Moms
Episode overview
Emily tries to roll with the "cool moms" at Candice's school, while Josh and Alex help Randy find his mom.
Robot Tutor
Episode overview
The roommates' tropical vacation is derailed by Candice's tutoring needs.
Golden Gamer
Episode overview
When Josh attempts to finish a video game, he must confront an inner demon. Alex tries to win his students' respect.
So Long Boys
Episode overview
When Emily has a pregnancy scare, Josh considers a vasectomy as Alex embraces fatherhood.
Clap Like This
Episode overview
Josh finally sells a video game and gets to experience how the other half lives, while birthday girl Bridgette is forced to get a real job.
First Date
Episode overview
While Josh and Emily try to rekindle their relationship, Alex acts as Bridgette's wingman on a horrifying double date.
Snailin' It
Episode overview
Overwhelmed with work, Emily goes to extreme lengths to make time for Candice.
The Canine Guy
Episode overview
After a fight with Alex, Josh befriends a talking dog. Meanwhile, Emily and Bridgette receive inspiration from "Weird Al" Yankovic on a songwriting retreat in the forest.