Carmen Sandiego

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The Beijing Bullion Caper
Episode overview
V.I.L.E. plots to kidnap a dignitary who manages China's largest gold reserve, setting the stage for a high-flying battle at a Beijing opera house.
The Big Bad Ivy Caper
Episode overview
While Zack stays home with Shadowsan, Carmen and Ivy jet off to Bavaria to track a vicious villain and a stash of stolen gold.
The Robo Caper
Episode overview
Carmen and Ivy fight a giant robot at a science museum in Singapore. Later, a tip from Player sends the friends to Iceland.
The Himalayan Rescue Caper
Episode overview
Carmen heads to V.I.L.E.'s hideout in the Himalayas on a rescue mission. She needs Player's help — but he's stuck in school.
The V.I.L.E. History Caper
Episode overview
The friends race against V.I.L.E. on the hunt for ancient treasure, searching for three relics hidden in different parts of the world.
The Egyptian Decryption Caper
Episode overview
Jules works to crack the final code, pointing Carmen to the pyramids of Giza. But V.I.L.E. throws a wrench in their plans.
The Viennese Waltz Caper
Episode overview
Shadowsan, Ivy and Zack fly to Vienna to intercept V.I.L.E.'s latest heist, hoping it'll lead them to the missing Carmen.
The Dark Red Caper
Episode overview
As Carmen sinks further into V.I.L.E.'s clutches, her crew teams up with A.C.M.E. to get the old Carmen back. But is it too late?