Black Clover

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Asta and Yuno
Episode overview
Asta and Yuno were orphaned boys who grew up together, but one was more fortunate than the other when it came to magic. When the day comes to receive their magical books, a grimoire, .. show full overview
A Young Man's Vow
Episode overview
Yuno's book was stolen by Lebuty. Helpless without it, Asta jumps in to fight despite having no magic of his own to defend himself...or does he?
To the Royal Capital!
Episode overview
Asta and Yuno spend six months training for the upcoming Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Everyone seems to think Yuno is sure to pass, but worries that Asta is just wasting his time.
The Magic Knights Entrance Exam
Episode overview
Asta and Yuno head toward the colosseum in the royal capital for the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, while looking around and admiring all the things they’ve never seen before.
The Road to the Wizard King
Episode overview
The entrance exam finally comes to a close. The time has arrives for the captains to decide which candidates they want to join their squads.
The Black Bulls
Episode overview
Asta has arrived at the home of the Black Bulls, which Yami himself called the absolute worst Magic Knights Squad. He is greeted by the squad's unique members.
Another New Member
Episode overview
As a new member of the Black Bulls, Asta is thrilled to receive his very first private room, even though it's tiny. Everything Asta sees as Magna shows him around the squad's base is new and exciting to him.
Go! Go! First Mission
Episode overview
The Magic Knights: heroes that everyone in the kingdom looks up to and dreams of becoming one day. But the new recruit, Asta, has yet to do anything that seems like what a Magic Knight should be doing, as he’s stuck doing random chores.
Episode overview
On Yami’s orders, Asta and Noelle go on their first mission with Magna to hunt wild boars. They successfully complete the mission and go to Saussy Village to meet with the mayor, Seyhe.
Episode overview
Asta, Noelle, and Magna are doing their best to protect the villagers of Rayaka from the ice magic user Heath and his underlings, but Asta’s attacks don’t seem to be working, and Magna’s magical powers are running low.
What Happened on a Certain Day in the Castle Town
Episode overview
After Asta, Magna, and Noelle saved the villagers of Saussy Village, the Wizard King gives the Black Bulls a star of honor. Asta and Noelle also receive their first pay as Magic Knights, and Asta is filled with happiness.
The Wizard King Saw
Episode overview
As they were visiting the Black Market, Asta and the others see an old woman get robbed, and Asta goes after the thief.
The Wizard King Saw, Continued!
Episode overview
While on an escort mission, Yuno, Klaus and Mimosa are attacked by a mysterious group of men. Klaus senses that they’re in danger and wants to escort Salim as quickly as possible, but Salim insists on visiting Yuno’s hometown, Hage Village.
Episode overview
A dungeon appeared near the border of the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom. The dungeon is like an ancient ruin. It may contain important treasures, but they're guarded by various magical traps.
The Diamond Mage
Episode overview
Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa from the Golden Dawn appear in front of Asta and Noelle, apparently sent on the same mission. Klaus mocks the Black Bulls for their awful reputation and gets in an argument with Asta.
Episode overview
Yuno, Mimosa, and Klaus get close to the treasure chamber in the dungeon. However, a mage from the Diamond Kingdom named Mars gets in their way.
Episode overview
In order to go to the treasure chamber together with his friends, Yuno confronts Mars alongside Klaus, so that the injured Mimosa can heal herself. But they have a hard time harming Mars at all.
Memories of You
Episode overview
Asta, Yuno and the others finally get to the treasure chamber, and they’re in awe at the mountain of treasure in front t of them. Yuno finds a strange scroll with strange writing, and then his grimoire does something strange.
Destruction and Salvation
Episode overview
Asta is gravely injured in the battle against Mars and collapses. Despite his own injuries, something drives Mars onward, and he tries to finish off Asta.
Assembly at the Royal Capital
Episode overview
Asta and Noelle head to the Magic Knights Headquarters in the Noble Realm to report on their mission to capture the dungeon. On their way, they run into Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa, and they all head to the headquarters together.
Capital Riot
Episode overview
Asta defends Noelle from her siblings at the decoration ceremony, and the other nobles try to put him in his place. Meanwhile, Leopold and Fuegoleon seem to have taken a liking to Asta, which causes an argument between Fuegoleon and Nozel.
Wild Magic Dance
Episode overview
After hearing about the attack on the capital, Asta rushed out, and the rest of the Magic Knights quickly followed. They found that corpses being controlled by Rades’s wraith magic were attacking the citizens.
The King of the Crimson Lions
Episode overview
Thanks to Noelle’s help, Asta is now able to concentrate on the battle. However, because of the attack he took earlier, Asta continues to lose stamina and isn’t able to move as well as he’d like.
Episode overview
While the masses were praising the Magic Knights for saving them, most of the Magic Knights present are swallowed up by a spatial magic spell known as Blackout.
Episode overview
Captain Fuegoleon is swallowed up by spatial magic right in front of Asta and the others. Noelle realizes that the spellcaster must be nearby, since the spell pinpointed Fuegoleon. Asta finds the spellcaster, but something unbelievable happens next.
Wounded Beasts
Episode overview
More enemies appear before Asta and the others. Despite being badly wounded, Asta and Leopold haven’t lost their fighting spirit, and they charge at the new enemies. The enemies realize how dangerous they are and try to kill them immediately.
Episode overview
The one who saved Asta from the group calling themselves the Eye of the Midnight Sun was the Wizard King, Julius, who was waiting for them at their base. Asta and the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun are in awe of Julius’s power.
The One I've Set My Heart On
Episode overview
Finral invites Asta and Luck to go to a mixer with him. Noelle hears about this and ends up following them because she’s concerned about Asta. To deepen her cover, she even gets a job at the pub they go to.
Episode overview
Months have passed since Asta and Yuno became Magic Knights and took their first steps toward becoming the Wizard King. Father and Sister Lily couldn’t be happier about all of their hard work.
The Mirror Mage
Episode overview
The Black Bulls get a day off after getting paid, and Gauche goes to visit his beloved little sister Marie. To his surprise, he finds Asta already there and playing with her.
Pursuit Over the Snow
Episode overview
Asta, Gauche, and Theresa go to find the abducted children. Gauche is able to track the faint trace of mana from the magic mirror that Marie always carries with her. On their way there, Asta spots Marco in the snow and goes to him.
Three-Leaf Sprouts
Episode overview
Asta and the others arrive at the dungeon where the children were being held. Seeing that Marie was hurt by the enemy, Gauche loses his mind. Asta is enraged at the fact that the .. show full overview
To Help Somebody Someday
Episode overview
Sally’s gel magic is extremely incompatible with Gauche’s mirror magic. She uses her dark magic item and turns Baro into a giant mud monster, which makes Gauche take Marie and flee.
Light Magic vs. Dark Magic
Episode overview
After defeating Sally and Baro, Asta and Gauche suddenly end up having to face Licht, the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Licht's attacks are too fast for Asta to see, and he gets injured.
The Light of Judgment
Episode overview
Yami and Licht continue their battle and Asta faces off with Valtos. Meanwhile, Finral manages to get all of the kids and Theresa back to the town and Theresa gets treated for her injuries.
Three Eyes
Episode overview
With the help of Gauche, Yami and Asta are able to defeat Licht. However, their victory is short-lived, as the three who call themselves the Third Eye appear and come to Licht’s aid.
The One With No Magic
Episode overview
Three of the Magic Knight captains—Jack the Ripper, Charlotte, and Nozel—appear and come to Yami and Asta's aid in fighting the Third Eye. Asta is told that his grimoire and swords belong to Licht's master, and Licht wants them back.
The Magic Knights Captain Conference
Episode overview
The Wizard King summons Asta after his work dealing with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Yami tells Asta he can come with him to the royal capital, since he has to go to a conference of all the Magic Knights Captains.
Three-Leaf Salute
Episode overview
Thanks to Asta, Julius and Marx were able to undo the protection spell that was on the captives from the Eye of the Midnight Sun and ask them who the traitor among them was.
A Black Beach Story
Episode overview
Entrusted with a mission by the Wizard King, Asta and the other Black Bulls head to Raquey, a place that’s surrounded by strong mana. With Captain Yami gone off somewhere, the other members decide to play around on the beach in their swimsuits.
The Water Girl Grows Up
Episode overview
Asta and Noelle train for their upcoming mission and meet a girl named Kahono, whose dream is to become an idol who can sing, dance, and use magic.
The Underwater Temple
Episode overview
Because of Noelle’s hard work, the Black Bulls are able to get through the harsh mana currents and safely arrive at the Underwater Temple. Everyone is nervous, since they’ve never been .. show full overview
Temple Battle Royale
Episode overview
The black bulls decide to go along with the Game presented within the Underwater Temple complex, 9 Fantastic Temple Priests leap into action against our heroes. Yami decides to drink .. show full overview
The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild Lightning
Episode overview
One of the members of the Third Eye, Vetto, appears at the Underwater Temple along with his underlings.
The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to Quit
Episode overview
Magna, Luck, and Gio, the most powerful Underwater Temple mage, risk their lives fighting Vetto. Asta and Kahono’s older brother, Kiato, also arrive at the scene.
Episode overview
Kahono and Noelle reach Asta and the others. Noelle is astonished at how powerful Vetto is, but Kahono remains confident. She is the granddaughter of Gifso and cherishes everyone at the .. show full overview
The Only Weapon
Episode overview
Despite being greatly injured in the battle against Vetto, Asta stands up to face him again. Seeing this, Vanessa and Finral come to assist Asta, too.
Despair vs. Hope
Episode overview
Asta continues his attacks against Vetto with support from Vanessa and Finral. They finally manage to land a blow on Vetto, but it’s not very effective. Vanessa and Finral remember when they were younger and much weaker.
Beyond Limits
Episode overview
Asta’s sword finally manages to take down Vetto! But that was all a part of Vetto’s plan. He manages to steal Asta’s sword and break his arm. Vetto proudly proclaims victory, but Asta doesn’t give up hope.
End of the Battle, End of Despair
Episode overview
The members of the Black Bulls all surpassed their limits and defeated a powerful enemy. They manage to safely get the magic stone and successfully complete their mission, and all the members other than Captain Yami go recuperate.
Proof of Rightness
Episode overview
After Captain Yami saved the Black Bulls in the Underwater Temple, Yami and Asta return the stone to the Wizard King and report what happened when suddenly a large enemy force arrives at .. show full overview
Whoever's Strongest Wins
Episode overview
The Golden Dawn continue fighting the Diamond forces. The Diamonds soon realize they are about to be overpowered when William uses his world tree magic, basically ending the fight.
Behind the Mask
Episode overview
During the attack on the Clover Kingdom by the Diamond Kingdom, Yami saves the captain of the Golden Dawn, William Vangeance, from Lotus's attack. Yami then asks William a question .. show full overview
Never Again
Episode overview
After Kiten is successfully protected Yami introduces Asta to a recovery mage named Owen that works directly under the Wizard King so he can get his arms healed. Owen is known as the .. show full overview
The Man Named Fanzell
Episode overview
Asta first met Fanzell Kruger shortly after he received his grimoire. He runs into him while training with his new anti-magic sword. Fanzell uses wind magic and is able to turn wind .. show full overview
The Man Named Fanzell, Continued
Episode overview
A few months after being trained by Fanzell, he suddenly shows up at the Black Bulls' base. Fanzell recognized Noelle's staff and wanted to ask her about it. It was created by his .. show full overview
Episode overview
Noelle and Finral go to visit Asta's sword instructor, Fanzell, in hopes that he'd know a way to fix Asta's arms. Fanzell's fiancee, Domina, tells them that the Queen of Witches in the .. show full overview
The Battlefield Decision
Episode overview
While Asta and the others were meeting with the Queen of Witches, the forces of the Diamond Kingdom and the Eye of the Midnight Sun were getting closer to the Witches' Forest. The party .. show full overview
Flames of Hatred
Episode overview
Noelle uses her water magic to try to put out the fires that have sprouted up around the forest while Asta, Finral, and Vanessa confront another member of the Third Eye, Fana. Asta tries .. show full overview
Defectors' Atonement
Episode overview
While Asta and the other Black Bulls were fighting with Fana, Fanzell was facing off with the forces of the Diamond Kingdom, which he used to be a part of. The forces happen to be led by .. show full overview
The Promised World
Episode overview
Fanzell ends up bring Mars and Ladros to where Asta was fighting. In order to defeat Ladros who absorbs the magic of his enemies, Fanzell thinks of a plan to have Asta's anti-magic .. show full overview
Bettering One Another
Episode overview
Working alongside Mars, Asta is able to stop Fana from self-destructing. Fana regains her senses and they ask her what happened. However, Fana doesn't remember the events that happened .. show full overview
Not in the Slightest
Episode overview
Asta loses consciousness after Ladros's attack and the Queen of Witches tries to use this opportunity to awaken Asta's true powers. Meanwhile, Asta ends up waking up in a strange space, .. show full overview
The Red Thread of Fate
Episode overview
As promised, Asta and the others get rid of the invaders who attacked the Witches' Forest. However, the Queen of Witches was after Asta and his swords to begin with. She uses a spell to .. show full overview
I'm Home
Episode overview
The Queen of Witches had been waiting patiently for Vanessa to awaken to her true powers, but ironically, it was those powers that helped them defeat the queen. The Queen of Witches .. show full overview
The Secret of the Eye of the Midnight Sun
Episode overview
Asta and the others safely return to the Black Bulls' base after defeating the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the Diamond Kingdom in the Witches' Forest. Now that Asta's arms have healed, .. show full overview
A Fun Festival Double Date
Episode overview
The Star Festival, the biggest festival of the year in the Clover Kingdom was about to take place. Every year the festival, the number of stars each Magic Knight squad had acquired would .. show full overview
Battle to the Death?! Yami vs. Jack
Episode overview
The Star Festival, the biggest festival of the year in the Clover Kingdom was about to take place. Every year the festival, the number of stars each Magic Knight squad had acquired would .. show full overview
The Briar Maiden's Melancholy
Episode overview
Asta ends up passing a group of guys at the Star Festival who all seem to be looking in the direction of a beautiful woman. This beautiful woman happened to be the captain of the Blue .. show full overview
Two New Stars
Episode overview
The Star Festival finally reaches its climax. The ranking of each Magic Knight squad is about to be announced. As the crowd watches in anticipation, the Golden Dawn is announced as .. show full overview
The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness
Episode overview
Asta and Yuno end up seeing Mereoleona scolding the members of the Crimson Lion Kings after the Star Festival. Mereoleona is the older sister of their former captain, Fuegoleon, and was .. show full overview
St. Elmo’s Fire
Episode overview
Asta and Yuno end up seeing Mereoleona scolding the members of the Crimson Lion Kings after the Star Festival. Mereoleona is the older sister of their former captain, Fuegoleon, and was .. show full overview
The Royal Knights Selection Test
Episode overview
The exam to determine the Royal Knights that will fight against the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Asta and Yuno participate along with the Black Bulls, Noelle, Magna, Luck, and Finral, as .. show full overview
Flower of Resolution
Episode overview
The first round of the Royal Knights Selection Exam... Asta's team is first up to fight. Asta ends up on a team with Mimosa and a mage named Xerx Lügner. The way to win the battle is to .. show full overview
Fierce Battle
Episode overview
Asta and the other Black Bulls continue to fight through stage one of the exam, trying to get to stage two. Magna ends up teaming up with the vice-captain of the Coral Peacocks, Kirsch, .. show full overview
Mage X
Episode overview
The members of the Black Bulls show off strength that far surpasses their ranks of Junior Magic Knights. Finally, round 5 of stage 1 of the Royal Knights Selection Exam was about to .. show full overview
Bad Blood
Episode overview
Klaus and Luck demonstrate how their skills have improved and after a short fight they are victorious as Luck defeats Rob with a powerful lightning kick that also destroys the crystal. .. show full overview
Peasant Trap
Episode overview
Much to the irritation of both the Clover King and Solid, Asta and Yuno have made it through the first round. For the second round Asta's team face Kirsch's team. Zora looks forward to .. show full overview
Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle Brains
Episode overview
Sol hides their crystal inside her golem and traps Mimosa. Magna attacks with a new fireball Asta is unable to deflect. Kirsch dreams of a starving peasant child he saw stealing and felt .. show full overview
Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother
Episode overview
Langris recalls how his parents doted on him and arranged for him to marry a noble lady named Finnes Calmreich, whereas Finral was neglected. Langris was enraged to find Finnes preferred .. show full overview
The Life of a Certain Man
Episode overview
The Wizard King intervenes while Finral's wounds are treated. Asta insults Langris' behaviour as unworthy of a magic knight. Langris requests the Wizard King allow him to fight the Bulls .. show full overview
Clover Clips! The Nightmarish Charmy Special!
Episode overview
As Asta and Zora battle Langris. Charmy wanders into the forest, seeking exotic ingredients to cook something tasty for Yuno and the Wizard King. After sampling a toxic mushroom she .. show full overview
Burn It into You
Episode overview
Langris manages to send several spatial attacks past Zora's trap, but Zora reveals he had inscribed a trap onto his own body and Langris' spells are reflected back at him. Langris .. show full overview
The Victors
Episode overview
Yuno and Rill prepare to fight. Asta is upset he missed his chance to duel Yuno in the final match. Yuno and Rill begin their duel while Rill's teammates duel Noelle and En. Yuno is .. show full overview
Together in the Bath
Episode overview
Having failed to face Yuno in a duel Asta becomes depressed and unresponsive to the Bulls efforts to cheer him up. The other Bulls are all nervous about the results of the exam and .. show full overview
Yami and Vangeance
Episode overview
Several years later both Yami and Vangeance were promoted to vice-captain while their former captain became the Wizard King. The Wizard King asked Yami and Vangeance to deal with a .. show full overview
Formation of the Royal Knights
Episode overview
Asta, Noelle, and Luck are suddenly taken away by Captain Mereoleona, who suddenly dropped in at the Black Bulls’ base. It just so happened the three of them had passed the Royal Knights .. show full overview
Storming the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Hideout!!!
Episode overview
Asta and Noelle visit Leopold in hospital where Fuegoleon is still in a coma. Having both received encouragement from Fuegoleon Asta and Noelle swear to defeat the Midnight Sun on his .. show full overview
The Black Bulls' Hideout
Episode overview
Yami is summoned to the Golden Dawn so Captain Vangeance can apologise for Langris injuring Finral. Vanessa leaves to visit Finral, Magna leaves to train alone and Charmy leaves to .. show full overview
Crazy Magic Battle
Episode overview
During the battle at the Black Bulls’ hideout, the hideout suddenly changes its shape, and Gauche and the others are surprised by the mysterious figure that emerges from it. This was the .. show full overview
Mereoleona vs. Ryha the Disloyal
Episode overview
Mereoleona and Nozel plow their way through the dungeon to get to Licht along with the other Royal Knights. It is then that the final member of the Third Eye, Raia the Disloyal, appears .. show full overview
The Wizard King vs. The Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun
Episode overview
While the Wizard King Julius was thinking about how the Royal Knights were fairing on their raid of the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s hideout, a person appeared before him. It was someone .. show full overview
Julius Novachrono
Episode overview
The battle between the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful wizard, the Wizard King Julius Novachrono, and the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Licht, had begun. Julius had been chosen .. show full overview
New Future
Episode overview
After receiving an emergency message from Julius’s aide, Marx, Yami hurries to the scene of Julius and Licht’s battle. However, once he gets there, he sees an unbelievable sight. .. show full overview
Episode overview
Long ago, there were beings with very high magical powers living in the Clover Kingdom called elves. The elf Licht possessed a four-leaf grimoire and he lived peacefully with his .. show full overview
The Black Bulls Captain vs. the Crimson Wild Rose
Episode overview
While the Royal Knights were infiltrating the floating dungeon base of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, something strange was happening in the Clover Kingdom. The devil’s skull back in .. show full overview
Overwhelming Disadvantage
Episode overview
The effects of the reincarnation spell had affected some of the Royal Knights back at the floating dungeon as well. Luck was fighting alongside Noelle when suddenly, he attacks his .. show full overview
The Sleeping Lion
Episode overview
The Clover Kingdom is thrown into chaos as people calling themselves “elves” attack. These effects were visible at the Crimson Lion Kings’ base, as well. Vice Captain Randall’s .. show full overview
The Desperate Path Toward Survival
Episode overview
After being surrounded by members of the Royal Knights who were affected by the reincarnation spell, Captain Mereoleona had managed to let Asta and Zora escape. She uses her sheer will .. show full overview
We Won't Lose to You
Episode overview
Asta was taken deep back into the labyrinth by Raia, who had suddenly appeared. There, he found not only Mimosa, but Klaus, Hamon, and Yuno who had reincarnated as elves. Klaus and Hamon .. show full overview
The Lives of the Village in the Sticks
Episode overview
Despite being affected by the reincarnation spell, Yuno was able to regain his consciousness. Asta and Yuno then fight the leader of the elves, Licht. Licht then uses one of Asta’s .. show full overview
Two Miracles
Episode overview
Asta and Yuno get back to their village after an elf had attacked it. They were heading to the royal capital along with Captain Nozel and Noelle, but they saw that their village was in .. show full overview
Release from Misfortune
Episode overview
The Father and the other villagers of Hage Village are attacked by a Magic Knight from the Purple Orcas who had reincarnated as an elf who uses poison plant magic. Asta and Yuno try to .. show full overview
Lightning of Rage vs. Friends
Episode overview
Magna had been training with Vanessa to become more powerful and during their travels they ended up in a town that was being destroyed by none other than Luck from the Black Bulls who .. show full overview
Smiles, Tears
Episode overview
Asta had caught up with Magna and Vanessa with his new sword. Asta tries to work with Magna and Vanessa to save Luck, who had been reincarnated into an elf, but Luck’s body had a lot of .. show full overview
Path of Revenge, Path of Atonement
Episode overview
Asta had caught up with Magna and Vanessa with his new sword. Asta tries to work with Magna and Vanessa to save Luck, who had been reincarnated into an elf, but Luck’s body had a lot of .. show full overview
The Battle for Clover Castle
Episode overview
Captain Yami arrives at the royal residence inside the castle along with Finral. Even though Yami was a Magic Knight Squad Captain, dealing with these powerful elves on his own was .. show full overview
Battlefield Dancer
Episode overview
Noelle, Nozel, and Zora arrive at the Silva residence where Noelle and Nozel grew up and end up fighting the elf Kivn there. However Kivn’s magic interferes with their magic, making it .. show full overview
Spatial Mage Brothers
Episode overview
While Mimosa, Kirsch, and En were protecting the Vermillion residence from the elves, Langris, who had reincarnated as an elf, had arrived at the castle. He goes after the king’s life .. show full overview
The Raging Bull Joins the Showdown!!
Episode overview
As the battle at Clover Castle continues the Shadow Palace appears. Captain Yami and Captain Jack get a bad feeling about this, so they try to infiltrate the palace, but Magic Knights .. show full overview
The Eyes in the Mirror
Episode overview
Due to Captain Dorothy’s magic, Vanessa, who can use magic to alter fate and Charmy, who can use magic to recover mana had disappeared. Asta and the remaining Black Bulls have lost the .. show full overview
Humans Who Can Be Trusted
Episode overview
Vanessa and her team are able to figure out how to leave Captain Dorothy’s Glamour World due to quick thinking on Sally’s part, but it’s easier said than done. But then Luck gets an idea .. show full overview
Storming the Shadow Palace
Episode overview
After their last battle, Asta and some of the others decide to chase after Captain Yami and some others who had already headed into the Shadow Palace. However, the elves get in their .. show full overview
The Final Invaders
Episode overview
The Black Bulls fight off the elves as Asta and the captains head into the Shadow Palace. However, they start to feel cornered from being so run down from one battle after another. It .. show full overview
Episode overview
Yuno manages to enter the Shadow Palace with his pendant and runs into Patry and the others. However, his pendant is immediately stolen. Now, all of the necessary magic stones have been .. show full overview
The Ultimate Natural Enemy
Episode overview
“When the owner of the four-leaf grimoire is filled with despair, the five-leaf clover grimoire will be born.” Patry is filled with despair after learning he had been manipulated by the .. show full overview
Breaking the Seal
Episode overview
The strange little black bird Nero, who kept following Asta around, suddenly appears before Finral, who had just finished fighting with his brother Langris, and demands that he take them .. show full overview
A Reunion Across Time and Space
Episode overview
To stop the devil from leaving the Shadow Palace Asta, Yuno, and Patry, who had just regained his senses, head to the top floor. Once they get there, they are greeted by the first Wizard .. show full overview
The Final Attack
Episode overview
Licht and Lumiere fight against the devil using incredibly powerful magic. But the devil has incredible regeneration powers and quickly heals himself, making him difficult to defeat. .. show full overview
Episode overview
The Shadow Palace begins to shatter, but Asta and the others manage to escape. Meanwhile, the elves continued to attack the kingdom because they still didn’t know the truth. Asta is the .. show full overview
Three Problems
Episode overview
The battle involving the whole Clover Kingdom is finally over. But because of the battle, the kingdom was heavily damaged, so the Magic Knights were busy trying to repair everything. .. show full overview
As Pitch Black as It Gets
Episode overview
Asta, who has the power of the devil, and Secré who used forbidden magic and turned into Nero, were called before the Magical Parliament to be judged. Asta maintains his innocence, but .. show full overview
Nero Reminiscences... Part 1
Episode overview
Because she used forbidden magic, Nero survived for centuries. In the back of her mind, memories from long ago start to replay in her head. From when Nero was still called Secré and when .. show full overview
Nero Reminiscences... Part 2
Episode overview
After using forbidden magic in the fight against the devil, Secré turns into a bird and ends up spending centuries all alone. During that time, she ends up meeting Asta, who ends up with .. show full overview
Episode overview
The Black Bulls return to where their base originally was. Henry has to return the Raging Bull back into their hideout, but apparently, that takes some time. Meanwhile, Yami tells the .. show full overview
The Blue Rose's Confession
Episode overview
The Black Bulls were ordered by the Wizard King to investigate the devils. Yami takes Asta and Nero and goes to talk to Captain Charlotte of the Blue Rose Knights, since she has .. show full overview
Episode overview
In order to find out more about the forbidden curse, Asta, Gordon, Grey, and Gauche head to Gordon's house, since he comes from a family of famous curse mages. Once they get there, they .. show full overview
To the Heart Kingdom!
Episode overview
Thanks to Gordon’s father, Asta and the others were able to find out that there might be clues surrounding the devils in the Heart Kingdom and manage to get permission to enter the .. show full overview
Devil Megicula
Episode overview
Asta and the others manage to meet with the queen of the Heart Kingdom, Loropechika, who had also been chosen by the water spirit, Undine. They are able to confirm that the devil’s curse .. show full overview
The New Magic Knight Squad Captains' Meeting
Episode overview
The Magic Knight Squad Captains decide to have a meeting about the problem with the devils that ended up involving the whole Clover Kingdom. Asta and the others who were in the Heart .. show full overview
A New Resolve
Episode overview
Asta and Yuno are given permission to go home to Hage for a little while. Asta was being called a devil in the papers, but Father, Sister Lily, everyone at the church, as well as the .. show full overview
The Lion Awakens
Episode overview
The Black Bulls get a sudden visit from Mereleona and she drags them to the strong magic region of the Yultim Volcano. There, the Crimson Lion Kings, as well as their captain, Fuegoleon, .. show full overview
The Lion Awakens, Continued
Episode overview
As Asta and the others were chasing the creature that lived in the cave beneath the Yultim Volcano Trail, they happened upon a dungeon. They were then ordered to explore the dungeon by .. show full overview
Those Who Have Been Gathered
Episode overview
Asta and Noelle return to the Black Bulls’ hideout only to get taken away by Mereoleona again. The place they were brought this time was the Vermillion estate. Waiting for them there was .. show full overview
The One Who Has My Heart, My Mind, and Soul
Episode overview
Though their betrothal was decided between their families, Finral tries to become a better man for Finnes’ sake. However, his impulse to instantly hit on any girl he happens to see .. show full overview
A Black Deep-Sea Story
Episode overview
Noelle and the other Black Bulls head to Racquey to do some training, when Noelle hears a mysterious voice. Shortly after, the Black Bulls are reunited with Kahono and Kiato. The .. show full overview
Charmy's Century of Hunger, Gordon's Millennium of Loneliness
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
In Zara's Footsteps
Episode overview
Zora returns to his hometown to visit his father's grave and there he finds a young commoner training and admiring the one who was the first commoner Magic Knight.
A Witch's Homecoming
Episode overview
Zora wanders off from the rest of the Black Bulls and heads back home to his village to visit his father’s grave. He then meets a boy from his village named Ina. Ina idolizes Zara who .. show full overview
A Favor for Julius
Episode overview
Julius asks Marx to do a favor for him. He wanted him to help with creating new magic items as well as take care of some bandits. Marx is accompanied by the former member of the Eye of .. show full overview
The Golden Family
Episode overview
The Golden Dawn was hard at work trying to get the kingdom back onto its feet. They were trying to make amends for the trouble they had caused while they were possessed. Captain .. show full overview
Those Remaining
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The Tilted Scale
Episode overview
Kabwe Carillon's team of Devil Banishers returns to Bow Nokude's house in Tiulyu. They report to the other team about their failure to capture Asta. Gordon Agrippa and Noelle Silva take .. show full overview
Those Who Wish to Destroy Devils
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Those Who Worship the Devil
Episode overview
Kabue finally realizes he's been fooled by the Devil Believers, but it's too late for him and his friends. The Black Bull is given a new mission: the capture of the Devil Believer in addition to the rescue of Nero.
Prepared to Die
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Becoming the Light That Shines Through the Darkness
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Two Things to Look for
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Challenge of Maidens
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Clash! The Battle of the Magic Knights Squad Captains!
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
To Tomorrow!
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The Chosen Ones
Episode overview
The Magic Knight Squad Captains gather for a meeting and for an award ceremony with the king later. At the meeting, they decide that Asta, Nero, Noelle, Luck, Finral, Mimosa, Leopold, .. show full overview
Vice Captain Langris Vaude
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The 5 Spirit Guardians
Episode overview
Asta and the other Magic Knights chosen to train in the Heart Kingdom are joined by Magna and they finally start their training under Loropechika and the Spirit Guardians of Lightning, .. show full overview
Awakening Power
Episode overview
While Asta and the others were training in the Heart Kingdom, back in the Clover Kingdom, Yami asked Mereoleona to help him train. They start their training immediately and Yami is no .. show full overview
Five-Leaf Clover
Episode overview
Months after arriving at the Heart Kingdom, Asta still doesn't have any magic, but he's become more powerful at an alarming speed due to his training with the Spirit Guardians. .. show full overview
The Beginning of Hope and Despair
Episode overview
The Spade Kingdom successfully takes over the Diamond Kingdom and then sets their sights on the Clover Kingdom and Heart Kingdom. The Spade Kingdom troops get through the strong magic .. show full overview
Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows
Episode overview
For some reason, Charmy, who had tagged along with Asta and the others to train in the Heart Kingdom, keeps trying to eat up all of the food in the Heart Kingdom. Asta tries to take her .. show full overview
The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom
Episode overview
Asta and Yuno were abandoned in front of the church in Hage Village, a village in the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom. And now, we finally find out the truth behind Yuno's birth! .. show full overview
Zenon's Power
Episode overview
After hearing about the Golden Dawn members being in trouble, Yuno hurries back. When he returned, their headquarters had been destroyed and many of the squad members were near death. .. show full overview
The Great War Breaks Out
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Dante vs. The Captain of the Black Bulls Squad
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Battlefield: Heart Kingdom
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Water Crusade
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Captain Yami Sukehiro
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Black Oath
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Stirrings of the Strongest
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The Devil Binding Ritual
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The Faraway Future
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.