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The Wedding Ring
Episode overview
A wax museum dresser takes a ring from a statue. The ring transforms his overworked wife into a femme fatale.
Episode overview
A high school student searching for a date accidently spills chemicals on a magazine and conjures up a dog. He tries desperately to create a beautiful woman, but things go terribly wrong.
Magic Saturday
Episode overview
A man temporarily exchanges bodies with his grandson so that he can relive his youth on the baseball field. While the man enjoys his new life, the boy discovers his grandfather's old body is dying.
Welcome to My Nightmare
Episode overview
A horror movie buff's obsession with the girl next door lands him in a terrifying scene from Psycho.
You Gotta Believe Me
Episode overview
Awakened by a dream of a plane crashing outside his home, a man tries to convince people of his premonition.
The Greibble
Episode overview
A housewife has a very real nightmare. She encounters a large creature that has a taste for inanimate objects.
Life on Death Row
Episode overview
An inmate is struck by lightning. He is given miraculous healing powers that spark a last-minute attempt to save him from the electric chair.
Go to the Head of the Class
Episode overview
A teacher's bizarre discipline causes two students to seek revenge with a spell culled from a rock song played backwards. Unfortunately something goes wrong when they cast the spell. .. show full overview
Episode overview
Nora and her father Calvin are farmers who are digging a well for water. The two lower a flashlight on a rope down the hole. Suddenly something pulls on the rope. When they pull it up, .. show full overview
The Pumpkin Competition
Episode overview
An old spinster who is tired of losing a pumpkin competition recieves special advice from an agricultural professor.
What If...?
Episode overview
A boy wonders what would happen if his parents did not return from one of their many social events.
The Eternal Mind
Episode overview
A dying scientist volunteers to be the first person to merge with a computer.
Lane Change
Episode overview
Traveling a deserted highway, a woman facing divorce sees her past through the windshield after she picks up a stranded woman.
Blue Man Down
Episode overview
Two police officers try to break up a supermarket robbery, but the younger officer is killed. A new female partner helps the other officer avenge his friends death. He later discovers .. show full overview
The 21-Inch Sun
Episode overview
A television writer is given an opportunity to write a sitcom. The source of inspiration for the sitcom comes to the man from his plants.
Family Dog
Episode overview
In an animated episode, the antics of a family are seen through the point of view of the family dog.
Gershwin's Trunk
Episode overview
A broadway lyricist seeks inspiration by contacting the spirit of Gershwin through a psychic.
Such Interesting Neighbors
Episode overview
The Lewise family believes that their new neighbors the Hellenbecks are from outer space. The couple and their only child are strange, and seem to have little or no knowledge of 20th .. show full overview
Without Diana
Episode overview
A father meets his long lost daughter who appears to him exactly as she appeared forty years ago.
Moving Day
Episode overview
A teen learns that his family is bound for a new home: a planet almost a hundred billion miles away.
Miss Stardust
Episode overview
A beauty pageant promoter is forced to allow the cream of the alien crop into his self-proclaimed "Miss Galaxy" contest.