Adventures of Superman

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The Last Knight
A gentlemen's society of armored knights holds many secrets (and holds jimmy and Lois captive, too).
The Magic Secret
Ready, Aim...A crimelord kidnaps Lois and Jimmy, using them as bait to lure our hero into the line of fire of a Kryptonite ray gun.
Divide and Conquer
Are half powers better than none? To be in two places at one time, Superman rearranges his molecular density.
The Mysterious Cube
Safe from justice? A killer hides inside a bunker made of a strange material even Superman can't penetrate.
The Atomic Captive
The bomb explodes, a mushroom cloud rises...and Lois and Jimmy are stranded on the test site.
The Superman Silver Mine
The kids can wait. Crooks attempt to claim a silver mine for themselves and keep it from becoming a summer camp.
The Big Forget
An anti-memory vapor can be useful to villains...and perhaps to Clark Kent when he needs to conceal his heroics.
The Gentle Monster
It means no harm. And may bring death to Superman. A newly created robot is powered by Kryptonite.
Superman's Wife
Sorry, Lois. Superman unexpectedly marries a gorgeous blonde policewoman. But why?
Three in One
Superman Arrested! While he's out of the way, three circus performers use their respective skills in a heist.
The Brainy Burro
Jimmy and Lois: bank robbers. They're accused of a theft committed by thugs and a mind-reading burro.
The Perils of Superman
Lois is tied to railroad track! Crooks in lead masks vow vengeance against the Daily Planet staff.
All That Glitters
What if? After a whack to the head, Jimmy dreams he and Lois have the same powers as the Man of Steel.