You, Me and the Apocalypse

  • 6.4
  • : 2015
  • : 10
  • : 511



34 Days to Go
Episode overview
30, 2015
Slough bank manager Jamie's birthday is rocked when he is arrested on suspicion of being an international cyber terrorist. Interrogated by police, he is confronted by a recent photograph .. show full overview
33 Days to Go
Episode overview
07, 2015
With the population in turmoil and the roads in chaos, Jamie and Dave's mission to find Layla becomes beset with bizarre obstacles.
32 Days to Go
Episode overview
14, 2015
In Poland, Father Jude and Sister Celine try to help a young girl escape from an angry mob that believes she is the Messiah. As well as making a strange prophecy, the child turns out to have surprising parentage.
26 Days to Go
Episode overview
21, 2015
Taking a step to the dark side, Rhonda horrifies herself when she realises she will do anything to maintain her freedom.
23 Days to Go
Episode overview
28, 2015
Jamie makes a discovery that leaves him feeling completely betrayed. As his mother tries to comfort him, he realises just how disturbed she really is.
17 days to go
Episode overview
04, 2015
Deeply unhappy about the choices he has made in the name of professional duty, Scotty tries to make amends. However, his actions fail to go down well with Gaines.
14 Days to Go
Episode overview
11, 2015
Scotty is forced to choose between sister Rhonda and Operation Saviour when he spots a crucial error in the plan to save the world. With just two weeks to go until impact, Messiah .. show full overview
7 Days to Go
Episode overview
18, 2015
Jamie seriously underestimates Ariel’s intelligence when the pair come face to face in uncertain circumstances. Meanwhile, with their apocalypse plan in motion, Scotty, Gaines and the .. show full overview
24 Hours to go
Episode overview
25, 2015
Jamie panics when he finds himself separated from Layla and Frankie just 24 hours before the end of the world, but his luck could be about to change when he strikes a deal with his .. show full overview
The End of the World
Episode overview
02, 2015
The race is on for Jamie as he struggles to assemble his loved ones, rescue Layla from the clutches of his evil twin and reach the bunker before the approaching meteor strikes. .. show full overview