We'll Meet Again

  • : 1982
  • : 13
  • : 2
  • ITV1
  • 21
  • Drama History Romance War



All Day and Every Day
Episode overview
19, 1982
The residents of the small Suffolk town of Market Wetherby await the arrival of a group of yanks, the Eight Air Force 525 th Bomb Group. The older residents are wary but the young girls of the town can't wait to get to know the airmen better.
Hands Across The Sea
Episode overview
26, 1982
Danny is in hospital critical condition. Major Kiley and local bigwig Helen Dereham cross swords when Letty accuses one of the girls of assault.
The Milk Run
Episode overview
05, 1982
Letty tells her brother she is pregnant but tragedy awaits her when her G.I. boyfriend Harvey is killed whilst on a mission.
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Episode overview
12, 1982
major Kiley is ordered to get into the the good books of Helen Dereham and soon finds himself charming the locals at a dinner party. Mario is getting in deep with Sid the spiv and M/Sgt .. show full overview
The Big One
Episode overview
19, 1982
Even with her husband home and a wheelchair bould cripple following a direct hit on his tank, Helen Dereham is finding it difficult to disguise her feelings for Major Kiley. Sally's .. show full overview
Up the Smoke
Episode overview
26, 1982
The Americans have been suffering heavy losses but some of the boys take a trip to London to recuperate. Kiley and Helen take the final step towards an affair and Sid is in deep trouble.
Fighting Men
Episode overview
02, 1982
Hymie and Helmer have a major falling out over Rosie the pub landlords daughter and preparations are getting underway for Chuck and Vi's wedding. Letty is working hard to keep her .. show full overview
A Wing and a Prayer
Episode overview
09, 1982
Vi and Chuck get married but their happiness is short lived when on Chuck's next mission his plane is hit, Chuck is forced to bail out over Germany and Marino is killed.
You'll Never Know
Episode overview
16, 1982
Pat Dereham tells her father that her mother is having a affair with Major Kiley. Stan Bilton has walked out on Sally but Mac is unsure whether to restart their affair.
Old Enough To Fight
Episode overview
23, 1982
Peter Mundy will soon be old enough to join up but his father would sooner be the one to go Elmer bets new boy Billy that he won't make it with Rosie. Major Kiley has agreed with Ronald Dereham that he won't see Helen again.
One Day At a Time
Episode overview
30, 1982
Vi thinks she may be pregnant, Sgt Billy Colvero may have to be sent home to America after the authorities discover he is only sixteen but Elmer arranges to sneak Rosie into the base for one last meeting. Meanwhile Peter Mundy joins up.
Exceptional Circumstances
Episode overview
07, 1982
After taking part in a mission Jim Kiley has been shot and his life hangs in the balance. Stan Bilton has been killed killed on active service and his mother blames Mac and Sally. Meanwhile Elmer and Hymie get Peter drunk on a night out.
The End Of The Beginning
Episode overview
14, 1982
Kiley tells Helen that after the war is over he wants to marry her; Peter officially joins the army after turning eighteen, Stan Bilton's mother kidnaps Sally's children Betty and .. show full overview