Welcome to Lagos

  • : 2010
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Olusosun Rubbish Dump
Episode overview
15, 2010
Tonight's episode uncovers life in Olusosun rubbish dump. Here, around a thousand people live on top of the rubbish in houses built from scrap. It looks like the end of the world, but .. show full overview
Episode overview
22, 2010
Lagos's version of Venice is a slum, built on water, called Makoko. This three-part observational series continues to explore one of the most extreme urban environments on the planet, by .. show full overview
Kuramo Beach
Episode overview
29, 2010
For over six years, Esther has been living with her husband Segun in a house they built themselves from cardboard, scrap wood and tarpaulin on the beach in central Lagos. Every time the .. show full overview