Wayward Pines

  • : 2015
  • : 20
  • : 2817
  • FOX
  • 21
  • Drama Mystery Science-fiction Thriller



Enemy Lines
Episode overview
25, 2016
The residents of Wayward Pines fight against the oppressive government of the first generation. Dr. Theo Yedlin, a new resident of Wayward Pines, awakens from a coma and finds himself in .. show full overview
Blood Harvest
Episode overview
01, 2016
Theo discovers the truth and his purpose for being at Wayward Pines. CJ launches a vital and life-threatening project off the fence.
Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines
Episode overview
08, 2016
Nurse Pam reappears as a lethal threat to the city; Jason's past is revealed.
Exit Strategy
Episode overview
15, 2016
Xander returns to Wayward Pines with an unexpected guest; CJ leads a brave group on an expedition beyond the fence.
Sound the Alarm
Episode overview
22, 2016
Wayward Pines Creation Revealed; Megan experiments with the first woman; Abby and Frank struggle with their personal problems.
City Upon a Hill
Episode overview
29, 2016
The Abbies attack CJ and the Reapers, leaving Teresa in grave danger and the city with alarming levels of supplies. So Theo builds a makeshift evaluation unit, but she may not be able to .. show full overview
Time Will Tell
Episode overview
06, 2016
CJ reflects on her life and the great responsibilities she has had for so many years; Theo and Megan disagree on the intelligence of the Abbies.
Pass Judgment
Episode overview
13, 2016
Jason and his soldiers organize a quest to capture Margaret and Wayward Pines begins to rid himself of the cracks created by pressures from both within and without.
Walcott Prep
Episode overview
20, 2016
Pilcher returns in search of his Chosen One. On the other hand, as the Abbies draw closer Jason makes a fatal decision and Theo and Xander must put their differences aside to stop him before the human race disappears.
Bedtime Story
Episode overview
27, 2016
Theo is forced to make a decision that could seal the fate of humanity.