W/ Bob & David

  • : 2015
  • : 5
  • : 84
  • Netflix
  • Comedy



Episode 1
Episode overview
13, 2015
Bob and David contend with a faulty time machine. The guys make ambitious New Year's resolutions. A movie sheds light on slavery.
Episode 2
Episode overview
13, 2015
Bob and David butt heads with Standards & Practices. Cops get all sensitive with a witness. Musical inspiration strikes at the dry cleaners.
Episode 3
Episode overview
13, 2015
Digital is the new gospel. An anti-police sting goes awry. A bad word has exceptional power. A skier becomes a major cultural influence.
Episode 4
Episode overview
13, 2015
Moms are in the spotlight. A boy has a controversial trip to heaven. Salesmen share their stories. Bob sneaks in a skit that David hates.
Episode 5
Episode overview
13, 2015
Go behind the scenes in this hour-long special where Bob and David reveal what it takes to put on a sketch show in their own special way.