Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation

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UFOs in Combat
Episode overview
11, 2020
Everything we know about UFOS has changed. Now, the all-star team that got the U.S Navy to admit UFOs are real launches a new season of investigations aided by a fresh wave of exclusive, .. show full overview
The Triangle Mystery
Episode overview
18, 2020
Former intelligence officer Chris Mellon spearheads an investigation into one of the UFO phenomenon's great mysteries. Giant triangles allegedly capable of incredible acceleration and .. show full overview
UFOs vs. Nukes
Episode overview
25, 2020
The team investigates an alarming pattern of UFOS allegedly appearing near US. Air Force bases that house nuclear weapons, and nuclear-powered US warships. A new eyewitness account .. show full overview
Planetary Threat
Episode overview
01, 2020
In an international UFO hotspot, Lue Elizondo uncovers exclusive video of a glowing orb recorded recently by an airline pilot at 35,000 feet and investigates possible connections to .. show full overview
Airline Encounters
Episode overview
08, 2020
U.S. airline pilots are reporting near mid-air collisions with UFOs. Elizondo hears a never-told-before account from a major legacy airline pilot whose report of a glowing orange sphere .. show full overview
The UFO Cover-Up
Episode overview
15, 2020
In 2017, Tom Delonge and Lue Elizondo helped engineer the release of 3 videos captured by U.S Navy fighter pilots of "Tic Tac UFOs." The strange objects had no wings and were capable of .. show full overview
Sightings Surge
Episode overview
22, 2020
Lue Elizondo calls on a new technology to analyze a series of UFO videos all recorded in 2019--a year that featured a huge increase in UFO sightings. While previously focusing on U.S. .. show full overview
Extraterrestrial Encounters
Episode overview
22, 2020
When Lue Elizondo was part of the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) he identified five observable characteristics of UFOs, dubbed the "five .. show full overview