Undercover (2019)

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  • : 2019
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Camping Zonnedauw
24, 2019
The police knows Dutch synthetic drugs king Ferry Bouman ruthlessly heads his syndicate from Belgian Limburg. After leg-chained drug lab Anh Dung and Chan have a fatal fight, the .. show full overview
03, 2019
After a month, the brass worries the undercover produces only expense accounts. Cocky henchman Jurgen Van Kamp keeps provoking Bob, who can't resist putting the macho in his place, which .. show full overview
Italian Designer Drugs
10, 2019
The mission looking like a complete failure as Ferry told them to leave the camping, Bob now refuses to team up with unruly Kim, who still agrees to help out keeping contact with Ferry's .. show full overview
Legio Patria Nostra
17, 2019
Just when Bob and the brass are ready to pull the plug on the undercover job, Kim's lesbian rapport with Danielle makes her work on Ferry to invite them to move into a cabin on the .. show full overview
Over de grens
24, 2019
Bob has to travel to Poland to fetch a shipment of PMK for Ferry, but John gets him into trouble. Kim is feeling guilty when she learns that Jurgen has been murdered. Bob single-handedly .. show full overview
31, 2019
Bob and Kim feel guilty at Jurgen's funeral. John reverts to old habits after seeing his daughter's grief. Ferry asks Bob to accompany him to a deal with an important German drug dealer.
De kop van die wout
07, 2019
John wants revenge for the assassination attack on Ferry. Bob accompanies John in an attempt to prevent further bloodshed. Kim is having second thoughts about manipulating Danielle. Bob .. show full overview
Nouveau monde
14, 2019
Bob convinces Ferry and John to travel to France to meet his South American contact. Danielle makes Kim a dangerous offer. Bob wants to close the deal no matter what, but that means he will have to go head-to-head with John.
21, 2019
Bob does everything he can to keep the case afloat, making more and more enemies along the way. He still has one more card up his sleeve to catch Ferry, but he needs Kim's help to do it.
28, 2019
At Bob and Kim's bachelor party, Bob is finally able to convince Ferry to swap a large load of XTC for South American dope. But when their carefully laid-out plan goes wrong, the .. show full overview