Trixie & Katya Save the World

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Self Isolation, Motivation, and Truth
Episode overview
01, 2020
Trixie & Katya are answering questions asked @WorldofWonder on Twitter using the hashtag #WOWHelpMe. Each Monday, the two queens will give their not-so-professional advice to your .. show full overview
The Wigs Are At The Other House
Episode overview
08, 2020
Trixie and Katya answer more of your relatable #WOWHelpMe Twitter questions, from what to do when you're away from your wigs to friends who talk too loud at restaurants - all from a safe distance inside their homes.
Alone with a Camera
Episode overview
15, 2020
It’s week three, kids. And they’re not getting any saner. Join Trixie and Katya as they answer more of your #WOWHelpMe Twitter questions!
Can I Gash You a Question
Episode overview
20, 2020
Week four of isolation and the tears have finally stopped! This week, Trixie and Katya are answering your questions about coming out, staying positive, and online dating.
The Straights Are Not Okay
Episode overview
27, 2020
Trixie and Katya are back to save you from yourself! This week, they’re talkin’ potential new side gigs, earthquakes in drag, and answering more of your Twitter questions!
Roller Coasters, Zoom Funerals, and Tongue Scrapers
Episode overview
11, 2020
The girls are back in town, helping you handle quarantine babysitting, bad breath, and meetings that could have been emails that could have been nothing.
Hippie Hair, Problematic Print, and a Knife
Episode overview
18, 2020
These women guide you through life as they answer your questions about falconry, their upcoming book, and hookups in the time of Miss Rona.
Warm Dry Bread
Episode overview
25, 2020
Trixie and Katya are experimenting with new scents, and they’re not as vile as you’d think. Plus, they chat about $38 movie theatre pretzels that don't taste that good, and answer more of your Twitter questions!
You Can Drink at Home, Mary!
Episode overview
01, 2020
Normal people stay up all night stoning everything they own, right? Trixie and Katya are back to chat about treadmills, being RICH, and answer some more of your Twitter questions!
Episode overview
08, 2020
Honey, could you keep it down? We’re trying to record in here. Trixie and Katya are back to discuss lip sync losses, gay eyeballs, and answer more of your Twitter questions!
Lesbians Love Love
Episode overview
15, 2020
Trixie bikes a hard drive to an editor in WeHo, Katya describes the trials and tribulations of trying to fuck your sleep paralysis demon, then the gals answer your Twitter questions!
I Need It Yesterday, Bitch
Episode overview
22, 2020
The gals get read and wild for the finale! Trixie and Katya read each other’s Uno - I mean tarot cards, then answer more of your Twitter Qs.