Trapped (2015)

  • 6.5
  • : 2015
  • : 20
  • : 194



Episode 1
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26, 2018
A shocking attack on a politician in Reykjavik means Chief of Police Andri has to return to his hometown in the north of the island, and to working with his former colleagues Hinrika and .. show full overview
Episode 2
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30, 2018
Gisli’s links with the far-right organisation, Hammer of Thor, lead Andri and Hinrika to suspect two young local farmers – Torfi and Skuli – of involvement in Finnur’s murder. But rather .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
06, 2019
Ketill is released, but his sons Torfi and Skuli remain the best lead the police have. With Skuli still on the loose, a full search-and-rescue operation is mounted. Torfi drops a hint .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
13, 2019
Andri was too late to save Mayor Hafdis from being kidnapped and now she is in the Hammer of Thor group’s clutches. And after leading police on a wild goose chase, Skuli has at last been .. show full overview
Episode 5
Episode overview
20, 2019
Minister of Industry Halla Þórisdóttir draws attention when she meets at her brother's funeral - the man who tried to rule her days. The Viking brother-in-law is not hurt when he sees .. show full overview
Episode 6
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27, 2019
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Episode 7
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03, 2019
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Episode 8
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10, 2019
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Episode 9
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17, 2019
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Episode 10
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24, 2019
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