The Young Pope

  • 7.6
  • : 2016
  • : 19
  • : 1024
  • Sky Atlantic (IT)
  • 9



Episode 1
21, 2016
While Larry Belardo begins his pontificate as Pius XIII, he calls on Sister Mary, his childhood guardian for help, and begins to familiarize himself with the Vatican.
Episode 2
21, 2016
Lenny shocks the world with his first address, in which he demands Catholics worldwide devote themselves body and soul to God no matter the consequences. Sister Mary and Cardinal Voiello .. show full overview
Episode 3
28, 2016
In the wake of Pius's homily, multiple factions within the Vatican bond together, trying to seek anything they can find on their new pope. Lenny plans to bring forth a new resurgence of .. show full overview
Episode 4
28, 2016
Cardinal Voiello urges the young Pope Pius XIII to finally deal with the abuse scandal surrounding American Cardinal Kurtwell. The Pope shocks Voiello by requesting to remove all .. show full overview
Episode 5
04, 2016
Voiello catches Pius in a compromising situation but hesitates to use the evidence against the Young Pope. More is revealed about Lenny's troubled past as he and Dussolier reconnect .. show full overview
Episode 6
04, 2016
Nine months into Lenny's papacy, he gives his first audience to the Italian prime minister. Dussolier carries out a controversial edict.
Episode 7
11, 2016
Pius's opposition consolidates against him as his plan for a conservative revolution in the church continues to alienate the public. Sister Mary commits herself to deception. In the wake .. show full overview
Episode 8
11, 2016
Pius struggles with emotional fallout from Dussolier's death. Admist feminist protests, author Elmore Coen (Andre Gregory) visits Pius for a conversation about sex. Spencer offers Pius .. show full overview
Episode 9
18, 2016
Gutierrez grapples with his alcoholism while investigating the crimes of Archbishop Kurtwell. As Spencer's condition worsens, Lenny opens up about the mysteries of his past. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Episode 10
18, 2016
The Young Pope makes travel plans to Guatemala, to change them last minute, to "find God" in Venice, Everything changes and the finale remains open.