The West Wing

  • 9.5
  • : 1999
  • : 154
  • : 996



The Ticket
Episode overview
25, 2005
As everyone but Josh causes Santos to question his choice of Leo as his running mate, Bartlet's investigation into the dangerous press leak continues. Also C.J. gets interviewed by Babish and Donna approaches Josh for a job.
The Mommy Problem
Episode overview
02, 2005
Santos and Vinick have to deal with press fallout when it looks like the Bartlet White House is not going to continue the investigation into the press leaks.
Message of the Week
Episode overview
09, 2005
It's three weeks into the presidential campaign and Vinick meets with Frost out on the trail. Santos pulls a stunt which leads to higher approval ratings and jolts the Vinick camp. .. show full overview
Mr. Frost
Episode overview
16, 2005
Margaret is interrogated at a hearing held by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; Santos deflects religious questions onto Vinick; Someone gives C.J. intelligence information; a .. show full overview
Here Today
Episode overview
23, 2005
The White House is trying to cope with the revelation of the identity of the leaker and Babish's questioning of Toby convinces him that he must get his lawyer. Lou persuades Josh to get .. show full overview
The Al Smith Dinner
Episode overview
30, 2005
Donna is back and she's working for the Santos/McGarry campaign, but not for Josh. An attack ad on Santos by a pro-life group puts Vinick in a corner when Santos demands Vinick renounce .. show full overview
The Debate
Episode overview
06, 2005
Santos and Vinick battle it out in primetime live. Forrest Saywer the moderator poses questions and attempts to ensure that the candidates remain within bounds. Ellen DeGeneres guest .. show full overview
Episode overview
13, 2005
Lou and Santos run into trouble on the road when they try to pick up a family's vote; their child was shot by a Latino police officer. Also, CJ must manage a crisis between China and Kazakhstan.
The Wedding
Episode overview
11, 2005
Santos is working on campaign strategy, Ellie's getting married, Abbey is welcoming guests, Bartlet's making jokes, China and Kazahkstan are about to go to war, Carol makes an appearance, and Josh may get fired.
Running Mates
Episode overview
08, 2006
All eyes are looking forward to the Leo McGarry/Ray Sullivan Vice Presidential debate. Meawhile, Santos is trying not to catch his children's cold and he visits his home in Texas and .. show full overview
Internal Displacement
Episode overview
15, 2006
The Westins visit Washington and Doug is keeping a secret from Liz that many other senior staffers already know about. C.J. tries to make a deal with the French to try to handle a .. show full overview
Duck & Cover
Episode overview
22, 2006
Bartlet must deal with the possiblity of a nuclear explosion in California, Kate is keeping a careful watch on the election in Kazakhstan and China's response, Will is acting as the .. show full overview
The Cold
Episode overview
12, 2006
After the near-nuclear disaster at the power plant the polls show surprising, or maybe not so surprising, results for both candidates. The Vinick camp gears up for backlash while the .. show full overview
Two Weeks Out
Episode overview
19, 2006
There are only two weeks left before Election Day and both candidates must make difficult choices at a time when they are both extremely tired. Vinick meets a famous athlete who greets .. show full overview
Welcome to Wherever You Are
Episode overview
26, 2006
The Santos campaign meets up with Rock the Vote and lots of musicians are around for a star-studded episode. Helen gives a lecture to MANA (a National Latina Organization, formerly .. show full overview
Election Day (1)
Episode overview
02, 2006
Election Day finally arrives, and between analyzing exit polls, and mulling over news reports, a few Santos staff members discover the joys of campaign romance. Meanwhile, C.J. ponders .. show full overview
Election Day (2)
Episode overview
09, 2006
Abbey is in New Hamphire with Liz Bartlet-Westin and they are awaiting the results of Doug Westin's campaign for a seat in Congress. Members of both the Santos campaign and the Vinick .. show full overview
Episode overview
16, 2006
Former series regulars, including Marlee Matlin, Mary-Louise Parker, Tim Matheson, Anna Deavere Smith and Gary Cole, make guest appearances as Bartlet, Santos and their staff members .. show full overview
Episode overview
23, 2006
Former cast member Rob Lowe returns as a senior political official in this episode, which finds Bartlet and his staff making the transition as easy as possible for the president-elect, .. show full overview
The Last Hurrah
Episode overview
30, 2006
While Santos is busy trying to select a new vice president, his wife finds her new responsibilities staggering. Meanwhile, Vinick ponders his next move.
Institutional Memory
Episode overview
07, 2006
C.J. and Will both face uncertain futures as Bartlet and his staffers prepare to leave the White House to make way for the Santos administration.
Episode overview
14, 2006
After seven seasons of the Award-winning drama series, the Bartlet Administration prepares to leave the White House and The West Wing. While Santos and his winning camp are nervously .. show full overview