The Tick (2001)

  • : 2001
  • : 9
  • : 66
  • FOX
  • Action Comedy Science-fiction



Episode overview
08, 2001
Arthur, a regular accountant, decided to quit his boring but meant to be job and become what he believes is his true calling: a superhero. Arthur is not taken seriously by anyone, and .. show full overview
The Funeral
Episode overview
15, 2001
The Immortal, a legendary superhero who has saved the Earth thousands of times (and the Moon 3 times!) is coming to The City for a book-signing tour. Arthur is ecstatic about the chance .. show full overview
Episode overview
05, 2001
The Tick and Arthur run into Fiery Flame and his sidekick, Friendly Fire. Arthur is shocked to see how badly Fiery treats Friendly. Friendly is also surprised to see that The Tick .. show full overview
The License
Episode overview
06, 2001
When it is revealed to Arthur, Captain Liberty and Batmanuel that The Tick is working without a superhero license, he and Arthur go down to the DMV to obtain one. Only one problem -- The .. show full overview
Arthur Needs Space
Episode overview
13, 2001
Arthur runs into an old high school crush of his. Stacy Waxman is her name, and Batmanuel advises Arthur to keep his suit on no matter what, since Stacy seems to be attracted only to The .. show full overview
The Big Leagues
Episode overview
21, 2001
The Tick and Arthur are invited to join the League of Superheroes, an all-male, all-white organization that Captain Liberty and Batmanuel had been looking forward to join for a long .. show full overview
The Tick vs. Justice
Episode overview
17, 2002
When Batmanuel backs into the car of villain Destroyo, he, The Tick and Arthur discover a treasure throve of weapons in his trunk. The three go to court to testify against Destroyo, and .. show full overview
Arthur, Interrupted
Episode overview
24, 2002
Captain Liberty encourages Arthur to come out to his family as the superhero he really is. The only problem is, his mother and sister don't take the news very well. They admit him into a .. show full overview
The Terror
Episode overview
31, 2002
The Tick and Arthur celebrate their first anniversary with a look back on their first week together. Arthur questioned his choice of being a superhero while trying to get rid of the .. show full overview