The Nine Lives of Chloe King

  • : 2011
  • : 10
  • : 706
  • ABC Family
  • 21
  • Action Adventure Crime Drama Fantasy Science-fiction



Episode overview
14, 2011
A smart, pretty, slightly offbeat teen girl who lives alone with her single-mother suddenly discovers her destiny is far greater than she could have ever imagined.
Episode overview
21, 2011
Still getting used to her new powers, Chloe can't get past the fact that she is responsible for Xavier's death. Will she be able to handle not just her newfound abilities but the life-altering limitations it puts on her relationships with others?
Green Star
Episode overview
28, 2011
Just as it seems Chloe is getting used to her new found responsibilities as The Uniter, she is forced to meet Valentina, the leader of the San Francisco Mai. To Chloe's dismay, Valentina .. show full overview
All Apologies
Episode overview
05, 2011
To ensure Chloe is capable of protecting herself at all times, Alek and Jasmine train her every night in order to teach her to trust her instincts when faced with danger. Not only does .. show full overview
Girls Night Out
Episode overview
12, 2011
As if being responsible for the San Francisco Mai wasn’t enough pressure, Chloe meets Nikki and Lilah, who are both members of the South American Mai. The two girls invite Chloe out for .. show full overview
Nothing Compares 2 U
Episode overview
19, 2011
Chloe's excitement at attending the Rezza Capital art gala with Brian is offset by an overwhelming sense of danger. It isn't until she receives a call that Amy is in trouble that she .. show full overview
Dogs of War
Episode overview
26, 2011
Compassionate to the needs of others, Chloe is unable to turn her back on Kai, a young man who asks Chloe for help in reuniting with his family. Although she eventually learns that Kai .. show full overview
Episode overview
02, 2011
Given Chloe's strange behavior as of late, Meredith is not happy when Chloe is escorted home by the police after trying to stop a late-night robbery. A concerned Meredith searches .. show full overview
Episode overview
09, 2011
Meredith invites her new boyfriend, Frank, and his teenage daughter, Vanessa, over for dinner in hopes that the four of them can get to know each other better. Although Vanessa initially .. show full overview
Beautiful Day
Episode overview
16, 2011
Still coping with her unresolved feelings for Brian, Chloe agrees to accompany him to meet his grandmother, Olivia, who was presumed dead. As Brian and Olivia become reacquainted, Chloe .. show full overview