The Magnificent Seven

  • : 1998
  • : 23
  • : 14
  • CBS
  • Action Drama Western



The New Law
Episode overview
08, 1999
The Seven go their separate ways when a Federal Marshal takes control of the town. The cattle barons band together to take the now unprotected town. The Seven are forced to reunite to save the townsfolk.
Sins of the Past
Episode overview
15, 1999
Vin is arrested by Federal Marshals and extradited to Texas for the murder he's accused of committing. Chris follows to free Vin after Vin is give to outlaw Eli Joe, the very man who .. show full overview
Love and Honor
Episode overview
22, 1999
Buck swordfights for Inez's honor when a band of men attempt to take her back to Mexico. Chris matches skills with a sharpshooting bandito.
Episode overview
29, 1999
The Seven protect Chris's former father-in-law when he runs into town with the news he killed the man who murdered Chris's family. The deceased's siblings, led by their mother, vow revenge.
Wagon Train (1)
Episode overview
12, 1999
The Seven protect a wagon train when the settlers are threatened by a demanding gold-hunter who claims he owns the land. Vin falls in love with Charlotte, wife to the abusive wagon .. show full overview
Wagon Train (2)
Episode overview
19, 1999
The boys continue to protest the wagon train from Dicky O'Shea and his dynamite expert. Vin and Charlotte return to the group and face the wrath of her husband, to warn of an impending .. show full overview
The Trial
Episode overview
05, 1999
Nathan's father, Obadiah, is brought to town to stand trial for the murder of his former owner. The Seven are assigned the task of protecting Obadiah from the raging mob crying for .. show full overview
Episode overview
09, 1999
The Seven investigate possible abuse of Chinese laborers by railroad foremen. Ezra buys a Chinese girl to stop her from being abused. Buck purchases a love potion to win Inez's heart.
Episode overview
16, 1999
J.D. foils a bank robbery but unwittingly shoots and kills an innocent bystander. Tormented by his failure, J.D. decides to quit and go home. Meanwhile, a legendary criminal, Achilles, .. show full overview
Episode overview
03, 2000
A traveling detective targets Josiah as the main suspect in a series of murders. Nathan's Indian friend, Rain, visits with the news that she's about to marry.
Lady Killers
Episode overview
31, 2000
Two female bounty hunters come to town to hunt down a wanted criminal...or are they outlaws themselves, searching for stolen loot? Only time will tell. J.D. is in hot water with Casey when he's attracted to one of the women.
Episode overview
07, 2000
When a legendary assassin is found dead with $10,000 in his hotel room, it is up to the seven to find out who he was after, who killed him, and what to do with the money.
Episode overview
03, 2000
When Chris meets an old flame, we find out more about the events that led up to the death of his wife and son.