The Long Call

  • : 2021
  • : 4
  • : 35
  • ITV1
  • 21
  • Crime Drama Mini-series Mystery



Two Rivers
Episode overview
25, 2021
A body is found on a beach in North Devon. DI Matthew Venn and his team search for a way into a case that has no witnesses, no forensics and no motive.
Church of the Brethren
Episode overview
26, 2021
Matthew and the team continue to hunt for clues about the victim and theorise who might have a motive to murder. Connections are made between the victim and the Brethren community.
Episode overview
27, 2021
The prospect of rebuilding a relationship with his mother blurs Matthew's ability to focus on the case. Lucy and Gaby can no longer stay quiet amid shocking revelations.
Saint or Sinner
Episode overview
28, 2021
Despite key breakthroughs, the team are frustrated until an important piece of evidence sets Matthew on the path to finding the murderer.