The Last Panthers

  • : 2015
  • : 6
  • : 76
  • Sky Atlantic (UK)
  • Action Crime Drama



The Animal
Episode overview
26, 2015
In the first instalment, a diamond heist triggers a dive into Europe's criminal underworld, as seen through the eyes of a cop, a criminal, and a loss adjuster.
White Knight
Episode overview
26, 2015
Naomi goes to Belgium to question a lead who is behind bars, while Milan tries to get the diamond money to pay for his brother's heart operation, and Khalil interrogates the victim of a home invasion.
Episode overview
02, 2015
Khalil discovers his brother is involved in a smuggling ring, while Milan makes a noble decision which could have terrible personal consequences.
Serpent's Kiss
Episode overview
02, 2015
Milan tries to get back to Belgrade before Zlatko can harm his brother, while Khalil strikes a deal with his sibling. Elsewhere, Naomi pursues the diamonds, but when she discovers a .. show full overview
Angel of Death
Episode overview
09, 2015
It is 1995 and war-torn Bosnia breathes in the uncertain safety of a delicate ceasefire, while Naomi and Milan's significant past is revealed.
The Last Panther
Episode overview
09, 2015
Naomi tries to protect a vengeful Milan, while Khalil and Mokhtar find themselves in deep trouble.