The Dead Lands

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  • : 2020
  • : 8
  • : 28



Tell the Dead I'm Coming
23, 2020
Waka is sent back from the Afterlife to find honor and redemption.
The Sins of the Father
23, 2020
Waka and Mehe travel to her Uncle's land, where Mehe discovers her uncle's terrible secret.
The Kingdom at the Edge of the World
30, 2020
Waka and Mehe go in search of the boy who knows who broke the world.
The Exorcism of the Boy
06, 2020
Mehe and Waka bring the boy to the Witches who exorcise him of the evil spirit and discover the name of the one who broke the world.
Generational Warfare
13, 2020
Mehe and Waka return to her tribe in the caves to tell them what they've discovered, only to find the Dead have found a way into the hidden cave complex.
A Question of Identity
20, 2020
Mehe and Waka search for Waka's father, Te Kaipo, a powerful Shaman responsible for breaking the world.
Broken Promises
27, 2020
Waka helps the Shaman by entering a battle with 3 dead warriors as Mehe delves deeper into the occult secrets.
The Sacrifice of Innocence
05, 2020
The hubris of The Great Shaman Te Kaipo's occult experiments become apparent.