The Cleopatras

  • : 1982
  • : 8
  • : 0
  • BBC Two
  • Drama History War



145 BC
Episode overview
19, 1982
Ptolemy VIII, known as Pot Belly, takes control. A vengeful mother has the support of the mob - and persuades Rome she can be just as good a friend as Potbelly. In revenge Pot Belly sends a very special present.
128 BC
Episode overview
26, 1982
Greek Pharoah Pot Belly shows himself to be one of the few men to better the Cleopatras of his family.
115 BC
Episode overview
02, 1982
Pharoah Pot Belly changes the succession.
46 BC
Episode overview
02, 1982
Cleopatra gives birth to Julius Caesar's son and takes him to republican Rome to persuade Caesar to declare himself King - with her son as heir.
35 BC
Episode overview
09, 1982
Mark Anthony's insatiable passion for Cleopatra saps his military judgement.
100 BC
Episode overview
09, 1983
Berenice III plots to get rid of her drunken husband.
80 BC
Episode overview
09, 1983
Fluter (Ptolemy XII Auletes) observes that Rome is the true source of all power.
51 BC
Episode overview
23, 1983
Cleopatra VII, the most famous of the line, becomes joint ruler at the age of 18.