The Chronicles of Armagh

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Chapter One: Spring
Episode overview
19, 2024
The series starts with spring, where orchards are in full bloom and wildlife re-awakens. At Gosford Forest, wildlife ranger Donald and deer manager Neville are keeping an eye on stags .. show full overview
Chapter Two: Summer
Episode overview
19, 2024
It's summer. While some seek the agricultural show at Gosford or rally action at Loughgall, others search for ancient treasure at Navan Fort and bumper crops in the orchards.
Chapter Three: Autumn
Episode overview
19, 2024
It's autumn, and Armagh is a kaleidoscope of colour. Apples are harvested just before unprecedented flooding wreaks havoc. Clear skies bring celestial wonders for the astronomers.
Chapter Four: Winter
Episode overview
19, 2024
It's winter. As Armagh freezes, out in the wilder side of the county, there are animals to look after from hedgehogs to stags, while people enjoy Christmas family traditions.