The Brothers McGregor

  • : 1985
  • : 26
  • : 0
  • ITV
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  • Comedy



Madame Pratt
Episode overview
13, 1988
Dolly sees a fortune teller to find out her prospects of re-marrying, and they hold a seance.
Cyril and Sandra
Episode overview
20, 1988
Glenys' friend Sandra urges Glenys to be tougher on Cyril, and Wesley gets an agent to hear Cyril sing.
Irving Sternberg Arrives
Episode overview
27, 1988
Wesley gets hold of a Rolls Royce to impress a business associate.
Declan is Very Big
Episode overview
03, 1988
Cyril and Wesley have to square up to the son of an unhappy customer. Luckily they have Dolly too.
Name the Day?
Episode overview
10, 1988
Glenys is dreaming of a grand wedding. Cyril has his own visions - of fame, wealth and no Glenys.
The Record for Marathon Singing
Episode overview
17, 1988
Cyril decides to try to break a world record for singing, and bookmaker Randolph can't seem to stop him.
Mister Cox Defends a Speeding Charge
Episode overview
24, 1988
Cyril gets more than the official consequence for being caught speeding, and Wesley tries to help.