The Broken and the Bad

  • : 2020
  • : 6
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  • AMC
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  • Crime Documentary Mini-series



Below the Law
Episode overview
09, 2020
Get to know the self-proclaimed “terrible lawyer” that gets great results – and gives Saul Goodman a run for his money in the wardrobe department.
Art of the Con
Episode overview
09, 2020
Think you’re too smart to fall for a Slippin' Jimmy- style con? Go inside the life of a professional grifter and learn how they turn deception into profit.
Smugglers Playground
Episode overview
09, 2020
Ride along with the real-life counterparts to Hank Schrader who patrol the American city that serves as the cartel’s border crossing and learn just how evolved this criminal organization has become.
Radio Free West Virginia
Episode overview
09, 2020
Whether Chuck McGill's illness was real or all in his head, he's certainly not alone. Welcome to Green Bank, West Virginia, a quiet town that's tucked itself away to provide a safe haven for those suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
Unmaking a Meth Lab
Episode overview
09, 2020
Meth doesn't always come from a super lab. Meet the family-owned construction company that’s become the go-to crew for cleaning up busted meth labs in Indiana.
Disappearing Act
Episode overview
09, 2020
Walter White isn't the only family man to turn criminal. Hear the story of a loving husband and father who leveraged multiple identities to evade authorities for decades.