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Be a Man
Episode overview
07, 2010
Stone and Webb investigate after an incident occurs between Trevor Berwick and Dr Josh Thomas. It is thought by Trevor that Josh has been having an affair with his wife Penny. After .. show full overview
Held Responsible
Episode overview
14, 2010
Janine Clark tells the police that has been raped by her boyfriend Mark Watts and three of his friends and the team have to try and discover if what she is saying is the truth.
Duty Calls
Episode overview
21, 2010
DC Jo Masters need to find proof after she thinks that man who broke in a couple's flat is a stalker. Jeremy claims that he and the woman called Ami are having an affair. Ami claims that .. show full overview
New Beginnings
Episode overview
28, 2010
Jo and Leon are sent to deal with an aggravated burglary which has left John Baker who owns the house dead. Max and Grace find out that John's wife Tanisha has been missing for around 20 .. show full overview
Time Bomb
Episode overview
04, 2010
After a letter bomb is delivered to an office, the manager thinks it to be a hoax. Grace thinks though that it could be the beginning of something a lot more sinister though. Callum .. show full overview
Keep Her Talking
Episode overview
11, 2010
Stone and Taylor find themselves involved in an armed siege when Alan Wilcock calls stating that his unbalanced ex-wife Carly has locked herself in his house with their young son. After .. show full overview
Crossing The Line
Episode overview
18, 2010
Clarinda Blake and Tim Hardacre are seen arguing in an alley by Callum on his way home after a night out. Callum ends up being beaten up when he tries to defend the girl. When she is .. show full overview
Red Tape
Episode overview
25, 2010
Stone and Masters have to deal with an incident outside a nightclub. Stone ends up using more force than is necessary to stop a passer-by from interfering and somebody records it on .. show full overview
Protect and Serve
Episode overview
04, 2010
Roberts and Gayle are caught up in a shooting and Inspector Smith and Sergeant Masters have to investigate what happened.
Episode overview
11, 2010
Jo and the team have to deal with a road traffic accident where a motorist has hit a youth who has since run off. A teenage boy is discovered lying fatally injured in a nearby park by a cyclist. The team have to work out if the incidents are related.
Episode overview
18, 2010
The hunt for them who murdered Paul Sorrell continues after Devon Marshall and Jedda Atkins are released due to lack of evidence. Max believes that teenager Jasmine Harris has .. show full overview
The Truth Will Out
Episode overview
25, 2010
After four-year-old Billy Sullivan goes missing from his father's garden an investigation is launched. CCTV footage shows the boy getting into a car with a false number plate. They soon .. show full overview
Great Power
Episode overview
01, 2010
After a body is discovered following a crowd-control situation at a football match, a murder investigation is launched. Jack Meadows decides to take his team to the ground to keep .. show full overview
Great Responsibility
Episode overview
08, 2010
Following the death of Yusef Hanoush at the football riot, the team find themselves under pressure from the media. CCTV evidence shows Commander Kennedy's son Mark at the scene of the .. show full overview
Bad Blood
Episode overview
13, 2010
Jimmy Ferrier, a known drug dealer approaches Mickey following the death of his brother. Max and Mickey become suspicious about Ryan Lacey after attending the funeral. When the team get .. show full overview
Paying The Price
Episode overview
20, 2010
Jo and Benjamin are called out to a local hotel where a man named Mark Pierce is demanding to be let when he claims his wife Julia is staying there. Alan Marsh is found badly injured in .. show full overview
Suffer In Silence
Episode overview
27, 2010
Paul Rayner is arrested for assaulting a man called John Morris. Paul insists that he was abused as a boy by Morris but it becomes apparent that it is a case of mistaken identity. When .. show full overview
That Type of Cop
Episode overview
04, 2010
After a 15-year-old girl who has been missing for the past two years is found confused and traumatised, the team attempt to identify her and discover why she is there. Helen ends up .. show full overview
Deadly Consequences
Episode overview
11, 2010
After the body of a missing boy called Matty Wallace is found in local woodland the police investigate. Jane , his mother, claims that she didn't realise he was missing until she went to .. show full overview
Walk on My Grave
Episode overview
18, 2010
Matty Wallace's funeral is attended by Neil and Grace with the boy's stepfather Craig Gant. Max finds out that Gant has a criminal record for handling stolen goods but believes there is .. show full overview
Episode overview
25, 2010
The team go after Nigel Wren who has been grooming young girls on line pretending to be a 13 year old boy. Jacob and Terry go into Wren's house to put a trace on his Internet activity .. show full overview
Episode overview
22, 2010
When an abandoned car is discovers with traces of blood nearby, the team are called in to investigate. The car is discovered as belonging to businessman Ajay Kapur, but his family say .. show full overview
Episode overview
29, 2010
Kirsty and Leon find the body of a young woman in a holdall on a rubbish dump. It is soon discovered that the body is that of Luisa Dias, a Venezuelan woman. The team learn that the .. show full overview
The Calling
Episode overview
13, 2010
Leon and Nate discover a woman named Jane Connor, badly injured next to a car. Jodie Knox who is suspected of being a passenger in the car ends up being arrested. She ends up naming .. show full overview
Taking a Stand
Episode overview
20, 2010
Callum and Kirsty are called out to the home of elderly widow called Jill Peters after her neighbour David Townsend reports a disturbance at the house. The woman claims that her home has .. show full overview
Who Dares Wins
Episode overview
27, 2010
Carter investigates the murder of Liam Powell after his body is found badly beaten. It is soon discovered that he had been drinking on the night of his murder but the pub landlord and .. show full overview
Balance of Power
Episode overview
03, 2010
Taylor and Knight are called to the home of Fiona and Howard Walsh by a neighbour who has not seen them for several days. When they go into the house the place has been ransacked and the .. show full overview
Death Knock
Episode overview
10, 2010
The team have to go to a house where a young woman, Zoe Richards, has been discovered unconscious. The officers soon discover that the place is a brothel and that Zoe and her housemates .. show full overview
Episode overview
17, 2010
Callum returns to work folowing his father's funeral and he is determined to discover the truth about the allegation of rape that blackened the dead man's name as a police officer and divided the family for last twenty years.
Respect - Part One
Episode overview
24, 2010
Insp Smith attends to a 14-year-old boy who has been fatally stabbed in a gang-related incident. DI Manson leads the investigation, and DC Webb calls on a former informant for assistance.
Respect - Part Two
Episode overview
31, 2010
Supt Meadows is determined to secure a confession to murder, but Insp Smith and DC Dasari are unable to persuade the gang-rape victim to co-operate with the investigation.