The Bachelorette Australia

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  • : 2015
  • : 58
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Episode 1
09, 2019
The Bachelorette Australia is back and Angie Kent is here to find love! There are puppies, bouquets of flowers, a throne, silver platters, lots of eligible men and... her brother?
Episode 2
10, 2019
The first single date of the series sees one very lucky Bachelor join Angie for very special 24 hours of intimate glamping in the wild. And a drama-filled cocktail party leaves the boys speechless.
Episode 3
16, 2019
Angie organises a date combining two of her favourite things - Bachelors and rescue dogs. At the cocktail party things get tense when one Bachelor breaks the boy code.
Episode 4
17, 2019
Angie's BFF takes the boys to a bachelorette party to get to know the men who are hoping to steal her bestie's heart. At the cocktail party, there are secret kisses, tears and pissed-off bachelors.
Episode 5
23, 2019
After a group date where the boys are asked to write and perform a stand-up comedy routine, tensions rise and jealousy flairs at the cocktail party as the boys continue to vie for time with Angie.
Episode 6
24, 2019
There is nothing more important to Angie than family and on this episode Angie introduces her top 10 suitors to her parents in an emotional group date.
Episode 7
30, 2019
A misunderstanding at the cocktail party leads to a major disruption as two Bachelors have a heated confrontation, with one Bachelor threatening to walk.
Episode 8
31, 2019
Osher reveals that the Bachelors will be taking part in a Bachelorette Quiz to test that they have been paying attention to their Bachelorette during their time together. How will the boys perform?
Episode 9
06, 2019
For the final group date of the season, Angie will be putting the men under the microscope by getting them to spend a day with some golden oldies and take part in some fun activities.
Episode 10
07, 2019
Angie heads home to meet the friends and family of her remaining four suitors - welcome to hometowns. At the rose ceremony, it is crunch time for Angie, who must make some hard decisions.
Episode 11
13, 2019
With the rose ceremony decision weighing heavily on her mind, Angie needs to get to the bottom of some concerns that came up at hometowns and clear the air once and for all.
Episode 12
14, 2019
In this raw and emotional finale, kisses will be shared and tears shed, hearts will be broken and declarations of love will be made, but who has made the greatest impression on Angie?