Summer Heights High

  • : 2007
  • : 8
  • : 211
  • ABC1
  • 21
  • Comedy Drama Family Musical Romance



Episode 1
Episode overview
05, 2007
Summer Heights High's new term is about to begin. What new artistic endeavors will the school's drama teacher (Mr. G) take the kids on? What will Ja'mie and her friends get up to, and what is Jonah's story?
Episode 2
Episode overview
12, 2007
Mr. G takes over the drama department and causes chaos, Ja'mie has her first day at school Jonah tries to fix his bad ways.
Episode 3
Episode overview
19, 2007
At Summer Heights High Ja'mie finds herself a younger boyfriend, Jonah dances in the Junior School Dance, and Mr. G is inspired to make a new musical after a tragic death.
Episode 4
Episode overview
26, 2007
After accidentally sending an insulting picture of her friends out, Ja'mie has to attend peer counseling with her ex-friends. Jonah has been put on an anger management contract, whilst Mr. G begins his auditions for his new play.
Episode 5
Episode overview
03, 2007
Ja'mie and her friends fight to have a Year 11 formal, Jonah has to hang around Year 7 boys and Mr. G continues to work on his musical.
Episode 6
Episode overview
10, 2007
Mr. G has major problems with the 'Annabelle Dickson Musical', Ja'mie pretends to be a lesbian and Jonah gets suspended.
Episode 7
Episode overview
17, 2007
Mr. G quits his job. Ja'mie falsely raises some money for AIDS. Jonah gets banned from break dancing.
Episode 8
Episode overview
24, 2007
The curtain rises on Mr. G's musical, Ja'mie is dumped by her school formal date and Jonah's future changes forever.