Spider-Man Unlimited

  • 6.9
  • : 1999
  • : 13
  • : 42



Worlds Apart (1)
02, 1999
After the discovery of Counter-Earth--a very Earth like planet in the same orbit on the opposite side of the sun--John Jameson is sent on the first manned mission to it. But while .. show full overview
Worlds Apart (2)
09, 1999
Barely escaping from the knights, Spider-Man hooks up with the human resistance movement and finds John. But the joy is short lived, when it turns out they were being followed.
Where Evil Nests
16, 1999
Naoko is dragged into the sewers by something green, and Spider-Man finds his first suspect when he bumps into the local version of the Green Goblin.
Deadly Choices
23, 2000
A resistance member steals a sample of one of Sir Ram's experiments, not knowing that it contains a nuclear charge, triggered to explode shortly after the container is removed from the .. show full overview
Steel Cold Heart
13, 2001
Spider-Man rescues a robot from being scrapped, after it starts showing signs of sentience. But the freedom is shortlived, as the knights want him back to find the source of his malfunction.
Enter the Hunter!
03, 2001
Worried about the increasing morale boost Spider-Man has been giving the humans, Sir Ram contacts feared assassin to take him out.
Cry Vulture
10, 2001
Spider-Man investigates a gang of beastial abducting humans off the street in ambulances, and runs into a new ally: the Vulture.
Ill-Met by Moonlight
17, 2001
The resistance asks Spider-Man's help in shutting down a bestial power plant that is releasing radioactive waste into the humans' drinking water.
03, 2001
With the location of his shuttle, Peter decides it's time to go home. Just the right time too. as the Goblin is determined to help him pack.
Matters of the Heart
10, 2001
After a run-in with the Knights, Bromley leads Spider-Man straight into the hands of the High Evolutionary.
One is the Loneliest Number
17, 2001
The beastials use a new weapon on Venom, separating the symbiote from his host, Eddie Brock. But alone, Eddie can't survive, leaving Spidey the choice between watching Eddie die, or recreating one of his worst enemies.
Sins of the Fathers
24, 2001
While visiting the grave of her parents, Karen is captured by the beastials. Spidey and X-51 go to rescue her, but much to their surprise, they find her well treated...courtesy of the High Evolutionary.
Destiny Unleashed
31, 2001
Angered by the constant defeats, the High Evolutionary starts a massive crackdown on the human resistance. He threatens to systematically destroy all human homes unless Spider-Man and the rebels surrender to his forces.