School Days

  • 7.0
  • : 2005
  • : 12
  • : 66



04, 2007
Makoto first sees Kotonoha on the train. After seeing Kotonoha's picture on Makoto's cellphone, Sekai decides to play cupid and match Makoto together with Kotonoha by having lunch .. show full overview
Their Distance
11, 2007
Makoto is caught reading a love guidebook while waiting for Kotonoha for their first date. They wander around doing various things. When they part, Makoto tries to kiss Kotonoha but the .. show full overview
Passing Thoughts
18, 2007
At school, Kotonoha tells Makoto that Kokoro wants to see him, and asked him if he can go to her house on Sunday. Makoto happily accepts the invitation. Later while they are taking the .. show full overview
25, 2007
While Kotonoha is busy studying at her house, Kokoro asks if she has kissed Makoto yet. Kotonoha avoids answering, but doesn't deny it. At school, Sekai speaks with her friends about .. show full overview
01, 2007
The gang goes to the local pool for some fun. Hikari asks Makoto to give Taisuke a ticket because she is too shy to do it herself. At the pool, Makoto teaches Kotonoha how to swim; .. show full overview
A Revealed Relationship
08, 2007
Sekai and Makoto plan to tell Kotonoha about what they have been doing in secret, but end up not doing so. Setsuna is worried about Sekai, knowing that she and Makoto are together, but .. show full overview
Festival Eve
15, 2007
Kotonoha, refusing to believe that Makoto has cheated on her, still thinks that he loves her. Meanwhile, Tanaka, the other class rep besides Setsuna, has broken his arm, leading to .. show full overview
School Festival
22, 2007
Sekai stays home from school the next day, thinking about her encounter with Kotonoha the previous night. That day, Makoto goes and visits Sekai and tells her that what they are doing is .. show full overview
After Evening Festival
29, 2007
Setsuna and Kotonoha have a short conflict. Makoto flirts with Sekai the entire day, paying absolutely no attention to Kotonoha. When Makoto finally checks his cell phone, he finds .. show full overview
Mind and Body
05, 2007
Kotonoha watches Makoto and Sekai dance and kiss in front of the bonfire and obviously upset, begins to cry. The next day on the train, Kotonoha sees Makoto but says nothing about .. show full overview
Everybody's Makoto
15, 2007
Sekai is absent from school for several days, saddened by Setsuna's abrupt departure for France and Makoto's videotaped betrayal with Otome. It is revealed that Hikari has begun having .. show full overview
School Days
22, 2007
While having dinner with Kotonoha at a restaurant, Makoto receives a phone call from Sekai who’s waiting at his home. Before hanging up he tells Sekai that she ruined his life by getting .. show full overview