RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked!

  • 7.8
  • : 2009
  • : 141
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I'm That Bitch
Episode overview
28, 2020
Nicki Minaj guest judges the new cast of queens competing for $100,000 and the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. The first step toward the crown is having to write and perform an original rap number.
You Don’t Know Me
Episode overview
06, 2020
Two premieres are better than one. A new batch of Queens untuck after a high stepping kick off. One queen finds herself in a heavy fog of emotions until they get an unexpected visit from pop icon Robyn.
World's Worst
Episode overview
13, 2020
The queens finally meet. Alliances form after acting in the World's Worst challenge. One queen gets emotional about her makeup critique.
The Ball Ball
Episode overview
20, 2020
After the sports-inspired ball, the queens lay into Aiden Zhane for not spending enough time on her runway designs, and Leslie Jones geeks out backstage.
Gay’s Anatomy
Episode overview
27, 2020
After the queens act in a "Grey's Anatomy" parody sketch, Aiden Zhane is forced to defend her performance, and Brita gets emotional over her standing in the competition.
Snatch Game
Episode overview
03, 2020
Miss Vanjie drops by to visit this week’s safe queens. Tempers flare over the Snatch Game, but Jonathan Bennet and Daniel Franzese stop by and turn these mean girls around.
Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical
Episode overview
10, 2020
After the queens perform in a Madonna musical, Heidi N Closet gets in her feelings over her critiques, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares an inspirational message.
Episode overview
17, 2020
It’s a somber beginning as the queens discuss their answers to Ru’s question of who should go home this week. Chaka Khan pops in to perk the queens up and remind them that they are every woman.
Choices 2020
Episode overview
24, 2020
All of the queens settle in and debate this week’s challenge. One queen’s runway look sends a strong political message that pulls everyone together, while another queen separates herself from the others.
Superfan Makeover
Episode overview
01, 2020
The queens kiki with their superfan makeover partners. Daisy Ridley drops in from a galaxy far, far away to share her Jedi wisdom with the queens.
One-Queen Show
Episode overview
08, 2020
The queens discuss the ins and outs of their One-Queen Shows. They have an entirely new view on things when Whoopi Goldberg stops by to bestow the queens with sage advice and words of encouragement.
Viva Drag Vegas
Episode overview
15, 2020
The queens untuck and discuss what they've learned about themselves. It’s bittersweet as they reminisce on their final moments in the competition and consider the possibilities of what might lie ahead for them.