Rise (2018)

  • : 2018
  • : 10
  • : 234
  • NBC
  • 21
  • Drama



Episode overview
13, 2018
In the premiere, Lou petitions to take over as director of the theater program in an attempt to revitalize his passion for teaching, but quickly realizes he has his work cut out for him. .. show full overview
Most of All to Dream
Episode overview
20, 2018
Lou is brought down to Earth when his production budget is slashed, Coach Strickland vindictively monopolizes Robbie's time, and he has a conflict with Tracey. Lilette finds herself starting to fall for Robbie.
What Flowers May Bloom
Episode overview
27, 2018
When Lou describes his vision for the show's staging and design, Tracey questions his every decision - but it's Simon's bombshell news that forces Lou to ask himself whether picking this .. show full overview
Victory Party
Episode overview
03, 2018
Robbie's two worlds collide at a house party where his football teammates face off with the drama troupe; Tracey reluctantly explores a new relationship with a not-so-secret admirer; a family road trip to visit Gail's sister goes sideways.
We've Got All Our Junk
Episode overview
10, 2018
After their unresolved confrontation with Gordy, Lou and Gail try desperately to get through to him. Lou discovers a crucial element to the show needs a major overhaul, while Tracey .. show full overview
Bring Me Stanton
Episode overview
17, 2018
As Lou's vision for "Spring Awakening" starts to crumble, Lilette and Robbie feel the weight of responsibility on their shoulders with rehearsals going into overdrive. In reaching out to .. show full overview
This Will God Willing Get Better
Episode overview
24, 2018
Tech week at Stanton High finds Tracey and Lou leading the cast through a series of rehearsals that falls short of expectations. Gwen's familial strife leads to a wild night out, while .. show full overview
The Petition
Episode overview
01, 2018
When an unauthorized, provocative sizzle reel promoting the Stanton High production of "Spring Awakening" is posted online, it spreads like wildfire through the school and surrounding .. show full overview
Totally Hosed
Episode overview
08, 2018
Gordy agrees to volunteer in the theater, bringing him back onto Gwen's radar, while his family tries to come to terms with Maashous' imminent departure. As Robbie faces the severity of .. show full overview
Opening Night
Episode overview
15, 2018
During opening night of "Spring Awakening" personal crises and dilemmas percolate in the wings backstage as Simon struggles to overcome his biggest fear, Lilette withholds a huge .. show full overview