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Summer in the City
Episode overview
20, 2017
Summer of 1987 finds David Meyers living in New York and working at a video production company. Unfortunately his dreams of becoming a filmmaker-and his love life-are going nowhere fast. .. show full overview
Episode overview
20, 2017
While David angles to get hired to direct a dog food commercial, best friend Wheeler learns of a handsome rival for girlfriend Misty's affections. Nash visits Getty in prison, bringing .. show full overview
A Little Business Proposition
Episode overview
20, 2017
Wheeler weighs an unusual proposition from his Columbia lit professor. Despite warnings from his ex-wife Judy, Sam decides to go into business with Terry. Getty recruits David to help save his beloved Red Oaks.
Episode overview
20, 2017
Sam and Shirley run into trouble during a night on the town. Following a dressing-down from his boss Derek and a fight with Wheeler, David goes in search of a friendly face.
Episode overview
20, 2017
A newly-paroled Getty makes a last-ditch effort to save Red Oaks from the wrecking ball. Sam's side business is dealt a major setback. Misty and Wheeler separately fend off unwanted .. show full overview
Episode overview
20, 2017
As summer winds down, it's the end of an era for Red Oaks Country Club - but the start of a bright future for David Meyers and friends.