• : 1999
  • : 43
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Episode overview
22, 2000
The students of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy High go back to class, after a long and complicated summer. During this time, Brooke and Sam have been trying to settle things with the return .. show full overview
Baby, Don't Do It!
Episode overview
29, 2000
Bobbi Glass (with her new nickname, Claws) has a new experiment for the students: they have to take care of baby dolls as if they were real babies. Everybody gets one, except for Lily .. show full overview
Citizen Shame
Episode overview
06, 2000
Bobbi Glass's uncle Tipton is coming to town, and she has to find a solution for her lies. All these years she has been telling him about her child, which she doesn't have. He is rich .. show full overview
The Sweetest Taboo
Episode overview
13, 2000
Nicole, desperate to get back to the Glamazons, tries to bribe and blackmail Principal Krupps. Her attempts fail and she gets Mary Cherry and Sugar Daddy to help her make a fake video .. show full overview
Joe Loves Mary Cherry
Episode overview
20, 2000
Nicole is desperate to save her popularity, which is falling since she was banned from the Glamazons. She tells Brooke that she should dump Josh and start dating George. Harrison is .. show full overview
Style and Substance Abuse
Episode overview
03, 2000
Brooke decides to run for student council president, dropping out of the Homecoming Queen election. She asks Harrison to be her campaign manager. They disagree on mandatory drug testing .. show full overview
Ur-ine Trouble
Episode overview
10, 2000
Harrison reveals that he has been taking medicine for bad headaches, which later turns out to be leukemia. Harrison is forced to withdraw from the campaign and Brooke wins. Sam realizes .. show full overview
Misery Loathes Company
Episode overview
17, 2000
Harrison is checked in a hospital for treatment for his leukemia. His roommate is a religious fanatic, which makes him quite uncomfortable. Harrison doesn't want anybody's help and yells .. show full overview
Are You There God? It's Me, Ann-Margret
Episode overview
08, 2000
Josh and Lily get cast for a play at the school where they have to appear nude in front of each other and everyone, which makes them uncomfortable. Brooke is at hospital again for .. show full overview
The Consequences of Falling
Episode overview
15, 2000
Clarence dies peacefully while talking to Harrison. His death has a deep impact in Harrison's own view of life, and he decides is not worth to keep the treatment for his cancer. He goes .. show full overview
Fire in the Hole
Episode overview
19, 2001
Sam decides to take her relationship with George to the next level, and he gets scared and says they should wait until they're both ready. Bobbi Glass decides to make all her students .. show full overview
The Shocking Possession of Harrison John
Episode overview
26, 2001
After Harrison returns to school since he had his bone marrow transplant, he acts in a weird way, making everybody think he's possessed or something. The girls think about it and .. show full overview
Mary Charity
Episode overview
02, 2001
Mary Cherry's clothes and objects are confiscated at school because her mom declared bankruptcy. She mutates into a crappy looking teen trash, with KFC's heat and paper shoes. Lily tries .. show full overview
The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
Episode overview
23, 2001
Lily, Carmen, Mary Cherry and Brooke are peacefully riding Lily's car when they pass by a car crash and notice the Gremlin's license plate, TUNA69, and realize that the car belongs to .. show full overview
It's Greek to Me
Episode overview
02, 2001
Nicole's mom is not so happy about her spending time with her birth mom. Judy Julian tries to bribe Nicole's mom so she would disappear. Shaggy leaves and Nicole and Judy become closer. .. show full overview
Episode overview
09, 2001
Lily, in an effort to defend a fellow student who has been suffering jokes about his sexual orientation, starts the G.L.A.S.S. (Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Supportive Students), which .. show full overview
Episode overview
16, 2001
With a lot of power in her hands and not so many brain cells in her head, April Tuna is ordered by Principal Krupps to cut one of the school's clubs. April becomes an easy prey for Evil .. show full overview
The Brain Game
Episode overview
27, 2001
Desperately seeking to be popular again, Mary Cherry fails in an audition to a teen talent show. But that didn't stop her, and she decides to put a team of students together to be in .. show full overview
I Know What You Did Last Spring Break!
Episode overview
04, 2001
Ms. Glass wants all the students to write down where did they go for Spring Break and how many they slept with, so, in her own words, she can judge them. Most of the gang say they went .. show full overview
You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape… You Don't Spit into the Wind… You Don't Pull the Mask Off the Ol' Lone Ranger… and You Don't Mess Around with Big Bertha Muffin
Episode overview
11, 2001
Sam and Brooke have a quick but intense argument over what each one has done to/with Harrison. Sam does not forgive Brooke for having slept with him, and Brooke puts Sam against the wall .. show full overview
Episode overview
18, 2001
Sam and Brooke help deliver Jane's baby (in one of tv's fastest labors) and realize that they can't fight over Harrison, so they both agree on going with him to the prom (ménage?). .. show full overview