Pie in the Sky

  • : 1994
  • : 40
  • : 8
  • BBC One
  • 19
  • Comedy Crime Drama Mystery



Squashed Tomatoes
Episode overview
29, 1997
DI Crabbe's first job with his new team of PC Guthrie and WPC Morton is to guard a new housing development which has been subjected to vandalism. Nearby villagers claim that one of the .. show full overview
Ugly Customers
Episode overview
06, 1997
Henry Crabbe (Richard Griffiths) is posted to guard a jury deliberating in a fraud case, who have been sequestered in a ghastly hotel. Crabbe has to find out who is intimidating the .. show full overview
Pork Pies
Episode overview
13, 1997
Fisher sends Henry and the squad to a meat factory where animal rights protesters are demonstrating against the owner,Mr. Trubb's use of veal in his Trubbs' Thunderbolt sausages. .. show full overview
Cutting the Mustard
Episode overview
20, 1997
Henry and his team are called to a private boarding school where police Commander Colin Stilwell's son Alex has been beaten up by local youths. Henry initially encounters a wall of .. show full overview
Return Match
Episode overview
27, 1997
Henry has to solve a series of thefts from lorries and gets unexpected help from private security firm Troubleshooters. Their accuracy is such that he is suspicious of how they came to .. show full overview
The Apprentice
Episode overview
03, 1997
As Fisher launches a campaign to make the police more popular with young people a boy called Nicky comes to Pie in the Sky, claiming he is there for work experience. Henry uses him in .. show full overview
In the Smoke
Episode overview
10, 1997
The Crabbes holiday in London in a flat owned by ex-policeman Nick Spencer whilst he is in America on business. However Margaret finds his packed suitcase under the bed and hears an .. show full overview
Smelling of Roses
Episode overview
17, 1997
As Henry mysteriously loses his sense of smell he is intrigued when Fisher seems obsessed with arresting tyre exporter Peter Watson and suspects that Fisher, about to divorce his wife, .. show full overview